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By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade Editorial

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Rajshri Productions…persistent connoisseurs of romantic entertainers for decades are back to paint the town red with another colorful picture of love in LOVE U…MR. KALAKAAR! Like their previous romantic family drama ISI LIFE MEIN, this flick too has a new director S. Manasvi with the likes of Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Rao in the lead roles. After being a guest composer in this year’s successful rom-com YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA, Sandesh Shandilya makes prominent presence as the leading musical composer with the support of poetical lyrical strokes of Manoj ‘Muntashir’ as the lyricist of the album. Barring the mediocre show of their last release ISI LIFE MEIN, the musicals of Rajshri Productions have delivered chartbusting surprise in the past. Expectations…!!! Yes, they are plenty as it charters the traditional route of their tried and tested formulas with urbane-centric treatment and likable stars as its major assets. Does the paint-brush of this ‘Kalakaar’ titled flick have adequate luring magic to rejuvenate the old-magic of Rajshri’s musical success? Let’s check out what ‘kalakaari’ of this ‘kalakaar’ has to offer…!

Romantically breezy with dollops of slender romanticism, the mood is mushy and vocals are mellifluously mellowed and together they gel to deliver out a spectacular for a perfect romantic evening in impressive sounding ‘Sarphira Sa Hai Dil’. Crooned to perfection, this beautiful bundle of enchantment has nuances of ‘Tera Hone Laga Hoon’ (AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI) for its windy English chorals that makes merry with poetically simple verses. It brings to the fore the gleaming combo of Neeraj Sridhar’s smoothening baritones and Shreya Ghoshal’s decorous tones in typical Valentine Day’s special lovey-dovey instrumental mode. This soundtrack has ushered out a new singing combination and also has given extra edges to Neeraj Sridhar’s likable vocals. Sandesh Shandilya deserves two thumbs for being resiliently youthful in making this an upbeat lovable duet that should be finding huge fan base among urbane listeners. As far its promotion is concerned, it has garnered limelight and has been lucky enough to find itself repeated in promos and teasers of the flick, a predictable chartbuster and catalyzing factor for the success of this adorable love saga. Enchanting!!!

Capitalizing on the present craze of Latino based musical mood, the next offering comes out as sentimentally paced love duet with typical Bollywood’s situational happening of boy waiting for girl in ‘Tera Intezar’. It falls pale to the first composition but relives the album’s promising youthful zeal with alluring Latino guitar riffs (similar to Enrique Iglesias numbers) as its notable signature tuneful highlight. Vijay Prakash’s oozing voice is well matched to the soft hues of delectably pitched instrumentals and finds optimum support of Gayatri Ganjawala’s deep-toned sounding vocals. Manoj ‘Muntashir’ wordings are routine and plays to the situational needs. Vijay Prakash’s promising voice appeals and so does this westernized paced composition that lifts the spirits of the album in making this a trendy duet, overall a decent offering that should work on big screen.

Upcoming talent Reeky Dev gets energizing tempo-ed arrangements in the ‘revisited’ version and enthralls more like a ‘club-remix’ version. Reeky’s appealing soft vocals are impressive that mixes well to the resounding DJ antics, balancing out the lovey-dovey moments with thrive of spins and scratches that adds to the pep-factor.

Comic-strip endeavors color the picture! The innocent childish charm of reliving ‘Jungle Book’ stylized natural charms through chirpy expressions makes sweet sounding presence in ‘Bhoore Bhoore Badal’. Following the playful feel of ‘In Panchiyon Ko’ (KOI MIL GAYA) and romantic allure of Rajshri’s very own ‘Mausam Ka Jaadu’ (HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN), this one mixes both and pictures out a multifaceted colorful picture of lively natural delights. Shreya Ghoshal’s subtle feminine presence again adds to the glamour and so do Kunal Ganjawala’s throaty paced vocals, making this an amiable entertaining musical piece for the silver screen. Shandilya’s composition brings tribal sounds, chorals and instrumentals to give it a comic-book fiction outlook that matches well to the contemporary loving romantic breeze of the supple arrangements. Manoj ‘Muntashir’ narrative lyrics are like cherubic kindergarten wordings that account for the lively romantic happenings amidst serene natural settings. This sweetly paced song deserves all aesthetically placed cinematic setting (chorographical moves, slick camera angles, art direction) in making this an eventful on-screen musical act on big screen. Charming!!!


The ‘kalaakari’ (artistry) of the ‘kalaakar’ (artist) gets a bombastic makeover of frantic hard-rock beat treatment in the mediocre sounding title track ‘Love U…Mr. Kalakaar’. Shandilya tries hardest to give it a campus-caper feel in loud ballistic hard-rock arrangements but ends up delivering out an average sounding dancing track. It gists out the character of the lead protagonist and tries to sketch out the graph of his characteristics in ‘easy-on-ears’ lyrics. Kunal Ganjawala’s extra speedy vocals work in tandem with racy arrangements while Gayatri Ganjawala’s bleak presence hardly makes any significant impact.

Congenial love stories always have space for melodramatically driven ‘viraah’ (separation) song, as predicable, it arrives with confluence of subtly paced arranged and lovable vocals in appealing ‘Kahin Se Chali Aayi’. Mohit Chauhan’s sonorously pitched voice evokes pathos and so do newbie soothingly paced Shivani Kashyap’s mesmerizing vocals to deliver out a potential melancholic romantic number. Upcoming Shivangi’s resonating ‘n’ booming tones (somewhat similar to Alisha Chinai) are the striking highlight and give a modish feminine listening feast to ears. It initiates impressively with relaxed ‘lounge’ ambience and later picks up with westernized theatrical appeal with potential voices giving it a desired dramatic semblance. Shandilya’s dexterity in sounds and rhythms works and so do ‘Muntashir’ poignant lyrics in making this as another notable feat of the album. Impressive!!!

Experimentation or Innovation! The inundation of English numbers are now becoming a fashion in B-town and so it arrives again with serene paced orchestral flows in ‘Reaching for the Rainbow’. Jenice Sobti and Vinnie Hutton sing their heart out in a typical Hollywood style romantic theme track with fine control on variation and modulation in higher pitches. Shandilya’s composition is no great hear but is not at all disappointing and should be working as cohesive background score in gripping moments of the flick.

LOVE U…Mr. KALAKAAR is a sweet ‘n’ serene love album that is filled with innocence, compassion and melody, overall a ‘worth-a-hear’ affair. This may not be the finest from the stables of Rajshri Productions but is a reasonably ‘cool’ album for young listeners. Sandesh Shandilya has a big winner in ‘Sarphira Sa Har Dil’ and has delivered decent toil in composing out ‘Bhoore Bhoore Badal’, ‘Kahin Se Chali Aayi’ and ‘Tera Intezar (revisited)’. The album sticks to the Rajshri’s age-old tradition of promising unadulterated and clean entertainment with sufficient pep factor to entertain; a promising box-office show will be a big boost to its sales prospect.

Rating – 3/5

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