my top 10 songs shreya ghoshal

my top 10 songs shreya ghoshal the best hindi voice

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  1. Sheezax1 says:

    Shreya rocks!!!

  2. akaash2 says:

    Shreya has unique voice for peppy songs like Asha bonsle and can captivate audience too by her charming persona.

  3. princess201coolify says:

    who is sunidhi people know shreya but not sunidhi shreya Pakistan loves you just visit you will come to know how much popular you are here too

  4. 000Lami000 says:

    shreya ghoshal and sunidhi chuhan are 2 of the bst singers

  5. funforever1999 says:

    for me sunidhi and shreya are the same

  6. Chandnicute says:

    Agree with u hajira2050, infact thats the reason why people love her so much. She is the most talented singer & really adorable. Shreya is the BEST!

  7. hajira2050 says:

    yeah shreya is much better than sunidhi as judge as performer as nature and as voice and as singer shreya is the best

  8. chand145 says:

    i personally fell that sherya is better than sunidhi

  9. hajira2050 says:

    Shreya Ghoshal rocks i love her

  10. shrey0132 says:

    well sung

  11. zoya677 says:

    nice video …luv her song….i <3 teri ore,thode badmas,ye ishq haye,koi tumsa nahi n mai gara kahu

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