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Pinja Pal, Surajit Das, Rudranil and others in Pagol Hoar Bodol Dine Mahurat

Surajit Das, Rudranil, Soma Majumdar at Pagol Haoar Badol Dine Mahurat

Calcutta, April 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Biru who is a madman one day dwells about his past. Before he became mad he had been a very respected school teacher Bireshwar Chatterjee who had been love with Ritaja.

One day his close friend Shyamlal rapes Ritaja and she decides to end her life as she doesn’t feel pure any more. Bireshwar tries to save her but can’t and thinks she is dead. He becomes mad after this incident.

He wanders from place to place and one day at a village far away, he comes across Ritaja and they are shocked to see each other. Ritaja had been saved by a fisherman who had passed away and she had also given birth to a son who is actually Shyamlal’s son. She tells Biru not to tell this to anyone. After that ?

Such is the story of an upcoming Bengali film which is to commence shooting soon. The name is very interesting ‘Pagol Hoar Bodol Dine’, but it if you twist it a little it becomes ‘Pagla Haowar Badal Dine’ – a Rabindrasangeet. The film is being directed by Surajit Das who has also written the story, screenplay and the dialogue. He is the music director as well.

The film is being produced by Soma Majumdar and Sudipto Sarkar. The film stars the beautiful dusky newcomer Bengali actress Pinja Pal, Deepankar Dey, Moubani Sorcar, Manoj Mitra, Laboni Sarkar, Rudranil and others.

The biggest surprise? The role of Biru is most probably going to be played by none other than the great Nana Patekar.

The film will have 4 songs (all Rabindrasangeets) and will be sung by Rupam Islam, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and others.

The mahurat of this film was held at the Princeton Club on 15th April (Bengali New Year’s Day).

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