New Bachchan comes home

New Delhi:  The 9th Bachchan, temporarily known as Beti B, came home this afternoon.

“Brought the girls home today. I hope beti B realizes the joy she has brought with her. The house is bursting with pink and proud grandparents,” posted new dad Abhishek on his Twitter page.

First Pics of Ash with Beti B

This was followed by the first official briefing of the media by the Bachchans who had requested privacy for Aishwarya’s delivery.

Today the Bachchans thanked the media for respecting their privacy.

Big B exposes morphed image of Ash, Beti B

That done, it was all about introducing the 9th Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan began by introducing his new granddaughter. “She looks like Aishwarya as of now, people at home feel she looks a bit like Jaya and Abhishek,” he said.

The proud grandfather who couldn’t stop smiling, said, “Abhishek and Aishwarya want the name to start with A.” Earlier, Abhishek had asked fans to suggest names with A on Twiitter.

Suggest names for Baby B here

“And suggestions for names are very welcome guys. Something with ‘A’,” he said.

The Bachchans clarified they would not hold any elaborate naming ceremony in keeping with family tradition.

“My grandfather believed that finding a name is enough so we have never had naming ceremonies,” Abhishek said.

Abhishek also spoke of his wife Aishwarya. “Ash is tired, is very happy. The whole family was there to bless,” he said.

She’s been lauded by Mr Bachchan earlier for refusing any painkillers while in intense labour for 2-3 hours.

On the 9th Bachchan and his new daughter, Abhishek said, “She is very obedient and very lucky.” We couldn’t agree more.

Incidentally Beti B’s permanent name, just like everything else about her, will be revealed on Twitter by her avid social networker grandfather. “We will update on Twitter as soon as we decide on a name,” he said.

So, keep following the Bachchans for latest updates on Beti B.

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