Prachi Desai readily discloses her Love for accessories, Shopping, and brands along with her tips too

On accessories
My likings for tiny stuff vied jeweleries is irresistible. Beautiful tinnily crafted watches, necklaces, or bracelets are stuffs I get easily attracted towards. Watches I have innumerable. Whenever I eye a lovely watch I unhesitatingly pick it up, no matter it may be pricey. Nonetheless, diamond studs, bracelets, and anklets too are very close to my heart. No not because I am an actor but I have a fascination to these things even while I was schooling.

Prachi Desai

On shopping destination
I also pick and choose dresses and attractive shoes. I love to shop in London because they have stuff with latest fashion. So, I can say that London is my favorite shopping destination, although Dubai also has wonderful shopping center. I also love to pick up stuff from there randomly as and when I get time to visit these destinations. I carry bagful of my favorite stuff.

On Street shopping
Belonging to Pune , I had heard of Mumbai’s special shopping destinations like Fashion Street, Linking Road, and Colaba Causeway. No sooner I would land up in Mumbai I would enjoy shopping at these joints. I always picked lovely exciting casual wear, chunky jeweleries, and bags whenever I visited these shopping joints.

On Brands
I don’t much care for branded stuff although I do buy branded clothes, but I would not swear by any brand. I buy clothes that I like and whatever suits me. I prefer going by my gut choice rather than asking anyone and everyone what may suit me. I feel comfortable only if I wear things of my choice.

On her valuable tips
At time I notice women adorning too many jewelery pieces. They should not over dose themselves with unnecessary jewelries which may make them look like a clown. Wear decent amount of jeweleries o r for that matter any accessories.

H…mm mm….That’s why the simple yet serene Prachi looks so gorgeous!!

-Lipika Varma

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