Ranbir unites Deepika and Katrina

Mumbai:  It is widely known that Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone cannot see eye to eye. But for rockstar Ranbir, it looks like the two women were ready to fine-tune their personal equations.

Both the actresses were seen under the same roof after a long while, as Ranbir arranged an exclusive screening of his film Rockstar for his friends from the industry.

Says an eye-witness, “Deepika, Katrina and even Anushka were at the film’s screening at Yashraj over the weekend. Ranbir was keen that all his closest friends watch it.”

Apparently, Deepika and Anushka were seen chatting up and having a good time, while Katrina preferred keeping to herself.

However, there is little doubt that Kat was there to watch the film.

Adds the source, “For Ranbir, at the moment, what’s most important is to know what people think of the film.

“He has always maintained a very cordial relationship with his exes. Deepika recently invited him for her housewarming party as well.

“As far as Katrina goes, she is someone whose opinion would matter to him as well. There were points during the film where onlookers caught Deepika crying.”

However, Dippy and Kat apparently made sure they didn’t cross paths and Anushka acted as the buffer.

“Anushka doesn’t really have any history with Ranbir so she was comfortable. The tension between the other two girls was reduced.”

“Ranbir, Imtiaz and their gang headed back to choreographer Ahmed Khan’s house to party through the night, but the girls chose to stay away.

They left the venue in their respective cars post the screening.”

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