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By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade Editorial

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When it comes to deliver a hat-ke inspirational saga or an indifferent story, the name of Nagesh Kukunoor grows loud and big on ears. After delivering out two consecutive flops (8X 10 TASVEER (2009) and AASHAYEIN (2010)), he makes his major presence this year with a heartwarming love saga titled MOD (meaning ‘turn or twist’ in Hindi). From the grooming days of successfully composed ROCKFORD (1999) to well-organized assortment of soundtracks in AASHAYEIN, the music in Kukunoor’s directed flicks has always been an added factor in his flick’s progress and performance. This time he brings on Tapas Relia, a potential composer who made his mark with the music of most successful animation Hindi flick HANUMAN, as the composer of this album. Low on commercial contents but still high on hopes, can we expect another big surprise from the stables of Nagesh Kukunoor? Let’s get started with its musical facts…

Befitting to the serene hilly ambience and mushy grooming of love-chemistry, Tapas Relia tonality turns extra-sensitive in vocals and nimble-touched in orchestrations in impressive sounding ‘Tu Hi Tu’. This genteel-paced composition brings out talented Shivam Pathak (sounding similar to Kunal Ganjawala) in soft huskier tones to the fore with Shreya Ghoshal’s tender singing support. It’s sentimental in shades and has soft-rock ballad hues attached to it with minimal orchestrations, coming well with decent sounding voices. Mir Ali Hussain’s contemporary lyrics works well to the situation but it’s the vocals that makes the maximum impression to ears. Vijay Prakash’s somber baritones takes over the proceedings in ‘Tu Hi Tu (unplugged)’, a slower version of the soundtrack that can well be worked out as amiable background score. This version works on the effective acoustic guitar strums and riffs with added classical ‘alaaps’ that gives it a “fusion” melodic appeal.

Shivam Pathak gets a bigger chunk of cake as this time he is shouldered to deliver out a potential solo track in form of ‘Ae Meri Jaaniye’. Relia’s composition is nurtured with melancholic shades of orchestrations, where mellowed piano drills and violin notes collage well to deliver out a somber romantic tale. Like previous soundtrack, it’s another decent listening offering that relies heavily on contemporary wordings, likable vocals and delectable arrangements. Shivam’s refreshing voice is impressive but composition sounds too lethargic at places, overall a polite musical gesture that should add colors and shades in lighter moments of the flick.

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Tender mushy romantic vibes maintains its governance on melodic front in average sounding ‘Chand Pal Ke Humsafar’. Shankar Mahadevan’s classically refined voice along with potential sounding Shreya Ghoshal is at the helm of singing affairs but still the impact is mediocre. Tapas Relia’s composition sounds too repetitive now as it rechristens back the sovereignty and somberness of earlier soundtracks with no improvisations. Shankar’s mellow voice is sheer delight and gels well with tranquility of the orchestrations, overall a decent-hear toil that should catalyze love-chemistry in the flick.

After getting rave reviews and commercial gains from cantankerously satirical sounding ‘Mehngai Daayan’ (PEEPLI LIVE), earthen voice of Raghubir Yadav makes it’s another vocal presence in garishly conceived ‘Aaj main ho gayi Jaawan’. The song is huge inspiration lift from Kishore Kumar’s yoodling and signature singing style and comes in format of loud item-number. Raghubir Yadav’s raw-finished voice gives a rustic feel while Shreya Ghoshal’s slender voice adds to the glam-quotient. Relia’s inspired toil fails to evoke hilarity and sounds as another mediocre situational number. To add ‘yippie’ factor in the album, this soundtrack gets refurbished in ‘Aaj main ho gayi Jaawan (remix)’, a typical ‘club-remix’ commodity feature for the album. It is heavily loaded with beat-juggles and DJ scratches and claps but still fails short of desired expectations.

MOD works on pleasing musical ambience in its entire musical package but fails to deliver any pleasant surprise to ears. As per flick’s low expectations, Tapas Relia delivers out a decent album (if not impressive) where ‘Tu Hi Tu’ stands out as the brightest star of the album. On commercial grounds, it’s almost preposterous to expect anything consequential but still the album cannot be written off, as the music moves in tandem with the feel and spirits of its characters, theme and situations.

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