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Many hard hitting films in Bollywood never really needed songs to tell a story. But a Hindi film without songs is still way too risky. Even though any narrative can easily reach its end without a song and dance routine, we would not have it any other way. Prakash Jha films have that kind of aura. Some kind of drama that exposes what lies close to the bone can do well without this musical distraction, but judging from his past films, the music does seems to serve some old fashioned need.

So with the help of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, here we are with track one, ‘Achha Lagta Hai’ …it’s a Mohit Chauhan/Shreya Ghoshal number that spells out some kind of new blossoming love. Musically, it’s a fun arrangement, though a bit too thin at times. A slight swell would have been nice but the playfulness in the singing gets the emotion across. And it’s Shreya who stands out here.

‘Mauka’ changes the vibe significantly. It’s an up-tempo tune that takes off from the very first note. Yes, it’s another silly love song with the male asking for just one chance to prove himself. Initially, it’s got the big band sound that reminds you of Salaam-E-Ishq while in the middle, the sexual chemistry in the song is compared to a game of cricket!! It’s forgettable and enjoyable at the same time and in case you are trying to woo a girl in real life, this song can probably give you a couple of pick up lines.

‘Kaun Si Dor’ kind of throws things in a darker mood. Pt.Chunnalal Mishra does a great job of sounding a bit like the late Ustad Nusrat Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal adds her own brand of melancholy. It’s a great tune, and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy really demonstrate their versatility with this one. The gravity of the situation is superbly reflected in the song and losing a loved one has rarely sounded this painful. Warning! Don’t listen to this one with a broken heart.

Shankar Mahadevan gets to flex his voice in ‘Roshanee.’ This one serves as the antidote for the sweet misery that was the previous song. It’s all about the sun shining through and the strength one can gain from being positive. As a song, it’s really not all that moving. The music is average and Shankar can’t really nail the right emotion to make you feel the positivity.

And to end things, we get a remix of ‘Mauka’. From this collection of songs, it’s the obvious choice to fire things up. The beat is predictably pumped up and the usual remix tricks are employed to make the song dance ready.

Aarakshan is a halfway decent listening experience but Pt.Chunnalal Mishra is the main man here. It’s not often we get the quality as heard on ‘Kaun Si Dor’. The rest of the songs are just coming and going. I guess in a film that is not really depending on the music to take things forward, one great song is enough to keep it ahead.

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