Seema Jha is X Factor’s best find

Seventeen-year-old Seema Jha is X Factor India’s best find. She is also the only shinning star amongst the final three contestants who aspired for the title on Friday night. But Seema, who is part of Sonu Nigam’s group and clearly his protégé is leagues ahead of competition.

Geet Sagar, who has been trained by Shreya Ghosal, is clearly a bathroom singer who has no business on the show. His voice is weak and no amount of modern-day musical technology can tweak it. It’s surprising that he was chosen over the fairly talented Sahiti or even the Nirmiti group, who deserved to be amongst the top three. The Sajda sisters who also made it to the finals impress in parts.

For instance, their rendition of Mausam Mastana during the Big B special was appealing. But, again they are not what one calls versatile. These three ladies draw attention more for their eye-catching and colourfully co-ordinated desi outfits. Would they be able to hold the audience attention minus the immensely talented band that scores the background music? Highly unlikely and that’s why it comes as a surprise that Sanjay Leela Bhansali opted for them over Nirmiti who were also part of his group. Of course, Sanjay shed tears of unhappiness when Nirmiti was eliminated because they apparently didn’t get enough audience votes. Fair enough, but shouldn’t the judges and the channel clearly differentiate between talent and gimmicks?

Which is why we say, irrespective of who was declared winner on Friday night, Seema Jha is clearly leagues ahead of her older and mediocre competitors. This girl is so talented that she has impressed even Sanjay, who is not her guru. Both Sonu and Sanjay have repeatedly announced that Seema has the potential to become India’s biggest singing sensation and for once they are not mouthing platitudes. This tomboy with a brattish look and cropped hair is X factor’s best discovery.

Surprisingly, Shreya Ghoshal has been appreciative but not too effusive in her praise. Perhaps she senses competition at some level and being the only female member on the team, the constant praise for Seema may be a bit unsettling. A word of advice to Shreya: Please sack your stylist/designer for making you a fashion disaster on national television. Shreya’s long flowing gowns in rich tones did little to enhance her curvy figure. This coupled with layers of pancake and heavy danglers only made her a perfect candidate for a soap opera performance.

Thankfully, Sonu seemed to have wisened up as far as his own appearance was concerned and restrained himself (or wonder whether the channel did) from experimenting with bizarre creations like he has in the past. The grand finale saw Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif make a customary appearance to promote their flick Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. We don’t know about the fate of this film, but we do know that Seema Jha is destined for great fame, irrespective of the final outcome of the show.

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