Shadow casts a spell online

They came together, created music and conquered. It’s about two people from different fields, TV anchor Vineet Malhotra and architect Rajan Adlakha, who met, experimented with music and started their band Shadow.
Little did they know that the music created by them, which they posted online on Facebook and Myspace, would make them the only Indian band to have won an Asia Pacific Voice Independent Music Award (AVIMA) in the category Electronic/Dance.
The duo band is again nominated by IndieGo award, South Asia’s first and biggest music awards under the six categories, including best collaboration with American artists Effluence, Best Video for Redemption, Best Electronica act, Best Electronica Song.
About the band, Vineet shares, “We both went to DPS RK Puram, but we did not know each other for decades. Last year, we had a school reunion for our batch and Rajan and I talked a little about music. We realised that we had a similar taste in music. As I have been learning music for the past 10 years in the US, I plan to compose songs and melodies, while Rajan decided to do the technical job of mixing beats and sound arrangements.”
Although the duo is thrilled by their instant success, they admit the credit is shared with actor and poet Rajev Paul for his poetry which was turned into songs by Vineet.
Vineet shares, “We went to the same gym in Mumbai, where I read his poetry. We completed four romantic love songs with him: Chandni raat, Tum se, Uljha sa rehta hun and Mukaam, of which Uljha sa rehta hun got nominated for the ‘Best pop song’ alongside entries from Shreya Ghoshal and Pakistani bigwigs Qayaasin Indiego,” says Vineet.
Believing in creating music byte by byte, Shadow’s music is experimental and a fusion of electronic and trance. Explains Vineet, “We are highly inspired by Chicane, the greatest trance-producer. He used to mix trance music quite well with rock singers like Jon Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. Creative freedom is what the music of Shadow most demands. If you listen to our tracks, each will have a distinct sound and styles.”
With songs on varied topics including war, global crisis, encouragement and love, the band is soon coming out with their debut album along with Rajev’s debut book titled Mumbai, Mohhabbat Tanhai. Rajan sums up by saying that if all goes well, the duo won’t mind taking up music professionally.

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