Sham D Releases "Forever"

East London’s good looking RB pop singer is about to hit the charts again! Yes, we’re talking about Sham D, who’s been out of sight for a while now. Though the singer has been touring and even appeared on stage with Bollywood’s sensational singer, Shreya Ghoshal last year, his fans have missed hearing from him.

Well, Sham is about to put you out of your misery sooner than you expected, the singer has released his latest single titled, “Forever” exclusively on Youtube today. 

Sham tweeted, “My Brand New Single ‘Forever’. Pls help spread the link around, hope u like and a BIG Thank You all for the support xx”

Sham’s previous singles include the chart topping hits; ‘I Know’ produced by Mumzy Stranger and ‘You Make It Alright’ written and produced by Rishi Rich and Veronica. .

However, the singer has stepped it up this time around, as he has written and produced the track himself.

We look forward to finding out whether Sham decides to back this track up with a hot music video.

In the meantime we leave you with his new single, “Forever”.

By Neha Bhatt

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