Shashi visits theatre for Rockstar

Mumbai:  His frail condition not with standing, yesteryear star Shashi Kapoor went to watch Rockstar, his late brother Shammi’s last big screen performance, at a theatre after almost a decade.

The much-praised film had a most unexpected patron in wheelchair-bound Shashi Monday evening.

The 73-year-old, who emblazoned his name across the marquee with romantic musicals in the 1960s, has a very

intense emotional connectivity with Rockstar — it is his elder brother Shammi’s last screen appearance and also features his grand-nephew, Ranbir.

So this one, Shashi had to see.

“Because of his failing health and immobility, Shashiji has not been to see a movie in a theatre for the last

10 years,” said a source.

“Of course he watches films at home. But for Rockstar, Shashiji insisted on going to the theatre, no matter how much of an effort it took him.”

“Shashiji wanted to see his brother’s ultimate screen appearance. He also wanted to watch Ranbir whom he had

not seen on screen so far,” the source added.

Shammi died due to renal failure Aug 14. He was 79.

The source said Shashi took all his beloved staffers from Prithvi Theatre to the movie with him.

The cineaste brought a new kind of romantic hero in cinema, did international projects with the world’s top

directors and championed art house cinema with films like 36 Chowringhee Lane, Junoon and Utsav.

His nephew and Ranbir’s farther Rishi Kapoor said: “My uncle had not been to a theatre for over 10 years. He

went and saw Rockstar, and he liked Ranbir’s work. We are all enjoying the response the film has received.”

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