Shilpa’s mom moved by The Desire script

Mumbai:  Sunanda Shetty was so moved by the script of The Desire, which stars her daughter Shilpa in the lead role, that she decided to bail it out.

Malayalam director R Sarath’s film was expected to be completed in 2009, but got stalled due to financial reasons.

“The film got stuck due to financial crisis. The director kept requesting me to help out or bail out and take over the project. Finally, I read the script. I thought that it has good content and I decided to take over the movie,” Sunanda told IANS in an interview.

The Desire traces the lives of an accomplished Odissi dancer Goutami, played by Shilpa, and talented Chinese artiste Jai Leang, played by Chinese actor Xia Yu. The two meet in Malaysia.

“When I took over, some 12-15 days of shooting was left. Almost 80 percent of the film was done. So I came at the tail end,” said Sunanda, who is the managing director of a ESCO Closures Pvt. Ltd.

“It was a great experience completing it. The movie was made the way it had to be. The director did his work. The choreographer did his work and I handled the post production part completely on my own. It was a learning experience. It’s a 99-minute film. The film was getting longer, so I sat with the editor to make it crisp,” she said.

Asked if she will continue producing films, she said: “I think I need to take a long break after this.”

The film is ready to hit the theatres, but its release date has not been finalised.

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