Shiney Ahuja goes missing again

Mumbai:  Although it’s mandatory for Shiney Ahuja to leave his forwarding address with the police in case he is travelling, the actor has gone missing from promotions of Ghost, his first film to release after he got embroiled in a rape case. His close friends are also said to be unaware of his whereabouts.

At a press conference held in relation to the film last week, the actor didn’t turn up. He and wife Anupam are said to have even cut off communication with filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, who supported the couple through an ordeal after Rekha Mane had lodged a complaint in 2009 alleging that she was raped by the actor at his home.

Shiney was arrested on June 14. Nearly a month after the trial court convicted him, sentencing him to seven years imprisonment, Ahuja was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on April 27.

“I wouldn’t have been able to find the strength to fight this battle if Ashoke bhaiyya had not stood by me,” Anupam is said to have told close friends about Pandit. Pandit says the couple hasn’t been in touch with him. “I don’t know. I hope they are well and make a new life for themselves,” he said.

A friend of the actor revealed, on condition of anonymity, “Shiney is keeping away from all promotional activity associated with Ghost because of the ugly charges that were hurled against him by director Puja Bedi.”

Bedi had alleged that Ahuja misbehaved with her and actress Sayali Bhagat. In an online interview, Bedi said Ahuja wasted time on set, cosying up to a Russian actress named Julia.

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