Shreya Ghosal cuts puja album after 9 years – Business Standard

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Cutting a Bengali puja album ‘Mon Kemoner Station’ after nine years, popular playback singer Shreya Ghosal will now look forward to doing it more frequently in future.

“I made my friends listen to all the songs and the response is amazing. They have requested me to sing more Bengali numbers. So, I promise my fans to expect many such albums in the future,” Shreya said.

“I was waiting for long to step out from the regular stuff like Bengali playback songs I have been doing for years. This album gave me that opportunity,” Shreya told PTI after the launch of the album here.

Recalling that she had earlier worked with music composer Jay Sarkar for the song ‘Khola chithi’ (open letter) for the Bengali film ‘Jodi ekdin’, she said, “We gelled perfectly and decided to collaborate again and this album is the result.”

She said that Sarkar roped in lyricist Srijato who penned the lines on issues like bonding, childhood and freedom.

She described Sarkar, Srijato and herself as a ‘single soul’ who worked together for the eight song album.

“I only lent my voice to the songs, one of which again deals with Kolkata, the city I keep returning to,” Shreya said.

She also recollected that Joy and Srijato would keep sending her sound clips recorded on mobile phone for vetting which she heard during drives. (MORE)

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