Shreya Ghoshal & Abhaas Singing Wada Raha from movie khakee

Shreya Ghoshal & Abhaas Singing Wada Raha from movie khakee

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal & Abhaas Singing Wada Raha from movie khakee

  1. RavinderThota says:

    no words to express this ever green applause pair….let’s rock the music world like this… is touching and vibrating to listen ….shreya and aabhaas….keep it up….pair…

  2. RavinderThota says:

    u rocked abhaas…with shreya…u r always outstanding…

  3. mazeofdevils says:

    @dba823 u r rite…completely agree wid shreya is a gr8 singer neways!!

  4. ktrini1953 says:

    wah wah abhaas just make me fall in love all over shreya just add suger to his voice

  5. syedakz says:

    simply awesome….

  6. restlesness says:

    @dba823 how do you know that?

  7. princess201coolify says:

    shreya is cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. dba823 says:

    @hajira2050 do you think I would just make this up out of air? sheesh……some people

  9. hajira2050 says:

    @dba823 you are really stupid really

  10. gifteddevil16 says:

    I have seen Shreya perform live several times – her control over sur is amazing!!!

  11. SuperRemi21 says:

    sherya is the best singer and i get goosebumps listeningto her

  12. kav4132 says:

    very nice …. shreya and alka ji are really nice i think

  13. dba823 says:

    Sorry to burst the bubble folks, but Shreya’s part has been re-recorded. Actually, for all the playback singers that are in the show, they sing on stage on live. BUT, they then sing their part again in the studio and put over there live performance. As for the contestants, their performance don’t get re-recorded for obvious reasons. Kind of sad actually it happens that way, but its true. Shreya is great nontheless, but as a playback singer she can’t let any flaw be on tv so thats why

  14. mangoochanna says:

    Abhaas is a hell of a singer but I felt something lacking in his performance. Debojeet nailed this song with Shreya.

  15. fuckadoma says:

    she is simply the best

  16. vychuck says:

    Abhaas voice has a magic touch and duet with shreya – you can’t for more.

  17. PreciousPrincessOXO says:

    @PreciousPrincessOXO ii like her

  18. PreciousPrincessOXO says:

    Shreya Ghoshal is pretty in whatever she wears ii like she’s my favourite singer den cumz anwesha.

  19. bahader913 says:

    better to the orignal nice cool

  20. NayabEntertainment says:


  21. shrey0132 says:

    dekha shreya ko to aisa laga …sangeet ka bandha ek naya sama
    inko hai sunna ehsaas woh…..jisko nahi main kar sakta bayaan

  22. shrey0132 says:


  23. zeeshans75 says:

    thnx 4 ur love dear, stay blessed…

  24. MUSSAAStyler70 says:

    np brother enjoy the song!!

  25. zeeshans75 says:

    wahhh, sherya is singing best here then film recording. wahhh, thnx 4 load yar, boht der lagi dhundnay mai, thnx again 70..

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