Shreya Ghoshal & Atif Aslam IMPACT CONCERT (Toronto) – Teri Ore (HD)

My first video upload in half-a-year. Oops? Lol. This weekend I shot this lovely footage of my favourite Hindi singers ‘Shreya Ghoshal’ and ‘Atif Aslam’ in Toronto at the Ricoh Colosseum. Though the two did not perform together despite having a recent hit song together, they both carried their own and hopefully you can tell that from these living recordings. I was a bit far away from the stage, but gladly I give you the FULL performances of ‘Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai’ from “Rab Ne Bana De Jodi” and ‘Teri Ore’ from “Singh Is Kingh”. I have an AMV on this account that uses ‘Teri Ore’, so you can imagine how happy I am to have heard the angel perform it live. This video only contains two performances by her. A later video will be uploaded with some songs by Atif alone. NOTE: I don’t know the name of the guy she performed with. All I know is that he won Sa Re Ga Ma Pa sometime in the 90s. Enjoy! Upscaled for your pleasure.

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  1. triniduttyboi says:

    gr8 concert.. they did a better performance in trinidad thou althought the acoustics in ca was perfect..

  2. princess201coolify says:

    @matinRajakar she is not the generic she is the versatile singer i think atif is the generic singer you know after this concert i start loving shreya and i start hating atif because he was crab infront of shreya

  3. princess201coolify says:

    @matinRajakar and you know few people who were crying for atif during her first perf
    they become the biggest fans of shreya after the concert my few friends are one of them

  4. princess201coolify says:

    @hajira2050 you are right i was also on the concert shreya perf forced atif fans to appreciate her while atif perf couldnot forced shreya fans to appreciate him i went on the concert for atif many Pakistani people and i dont know much about shreya i was the biggest fan of atif but after the concert many Pak people become the biggest fan of shreya and start loving shreya and this condition happens to 90 percent of atif fans and mr matin is in that 10 percent who are idiods

  5. mrquea says:

    @hajira2050 lol…..then ask her to sing in paki/bangla movies..shameless paki pussies…

  6. hajira2050 says:

    @mrquea you can say it about yourself only not for rest of the world shreya popularity and fan following is increasing day by day whats strong with you

  7. mrquea says:

    Shreya is a dis-grace to India………..we are not ur fans…sorry

  8. hajira2050 says:

    @matinRajakar you are saying that 99% people were there for atif than you are wrong people who were there for atif after the concert they start loving shreya because shreya was awesome and atif was crab you are saying this because you are Muslims but the fact is that shreya was awesome

  9. hajira2050 says:

    i was also on the concert shreya really rocks more than 80 percent people loves shreya more than atif atif was crab

  10. smartgene2003 says:

    who cares about atif, shreya rocks. ) she has the sweetest voice. love your shreya.

  11. Rasstastic says:

    @roomydj I still have to upload it. Sorry!

  12. roomydj says:

    where is Atif????? Why the title is misguiding????

  13. Rasstastic says:

    @matinRajakar I won’t waste my time defending here, but the reason for this tour was to unite India and Pakistan through music. If you check clips from their Washington Concert, there was a lot of honorary stuff about uniting the two nations. Ironically, though, the Indian woman and Pakistani man did NOT perform together, thus not uniting anything at all.

  14. matinRajakar says:

    she is a generic singer. why did she choose to perform alongside atif in the first place??? 99% of the people went to the concert for atif . days of generic singers are over.On topic the entire audience sang alongside Atif who rocked the show. Shreya’s perf was super boring and crap

  15. hina3652 says:


  16. Rasstastic says:

    @Kar2275 I… assume you’re looking for his version of the video?

  17. Kar2275 says:


  18. kakon97 says:

    i wen to this concert !! 😀

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