Shreya Ghoshal- Barso re, megha megha

Barso re, megha megha barso re.. wonderful performance by shreya ghoshal on the occasion of Chotte Ustaad semi final. Its really gud .

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal- Barso re, megha megha

  1. aamfrsh says:

    how can someone “not LIKE” this songgggg!!!!!

    the 5 voters would be sheer idiots i suppose!

  2. fsuforlife21 says:


    I totally agree. I keep watching this video over and over just to watch him. He’s so into to it! Not to mention that it is a lovely song and Shreya has an awesome voice!!!!

  3. SaifUrRehmanbodlabwn says:

    Grear All the Best ……… cute voice.

  4. HurricaneGabrielle says:

    that guy at was :51 getting it. hahaha.

  5. finallysometruth says:

    She should become an actress she has the looks and then she can sing her own songs!! that would be awesome!

  6. doochi says:

    @MegaGoldenmoon : thats so true… i had pain in my ears for the whole day and it happened twice…..guys be careful while listening this on earphones with high volume

  7. MegaGoldenmoon says:

    Damn your volume.. you almost burst my ear

  8. ononiap says:


  9. Ooga001 says:

    what a heavenly voice! And a beauty as well! A true gem… JAI HIND!

  10. Sweetytamilgirll says:


  11. hajira2050 says:

    i love her

  12. XTushar18 says:

    wht i ll say its amazing i cant comparison by any word to her…..

  13. biohazardouss says:

    I love Shreya Ghoshal, she’s got such a beautiful voice<33

  14. icanrawrx3 says:

    loove that song !
    i just wanna get up and danceeee.
    shreya’s my favorite!

  15. TheAshra76 says:

    shreya has a sweet voice and she is very beautiful herself

  16. gonnange says:

    she’s just amazing – beautiful in both voice and person!

  17. MrPmathi says:

    what a melody, wow! fentastic shreya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MizzLebanese87 says:


    can you poste the whole video please?

  19. rockgal1983 says:

    I love shreya Ghoshal!

  20. KhoodHafiz says:


  21. pashtunistan1 says:

    A rocket from A.R. Rahman !!!

  22. rafahenara says:

    does shreya has anorexia or what?

  23. 12345mashi says:

    shreya ROCKS always

  24. wjktl says:

    love your boys

  25. JoGaMaKi says:

    i love her, she’s so beautiful and her voice so great

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