Shreya Ghoshal@ Filmfare Awards 2009 – Teri Ore – Best Female Playback Singer

Shreya Ghoshal@ Filmfare Awards2009 – Teri Ore – Best Female Playback Singer

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal@ Filmfare Awards 2009 – Teri Ore – Best Female Playback Singer

  1. princess201coolify says:

    katrina kaif is looking very happy when shreya gets the award

  2. luvinlifeliveinluv says:

    Alka is a bad singer and i luv shreya.

  3. hajira2050 says:

    shreya ghoshal is now internationally recognized singer now what will you say and she is in top 50 powerful women of india and third play back singer after lata and asha and alka is not there in top 50 shreya is best she win these honours in just 8 years now what will you say THE Amisten

  4. 1000katrina says:

    Shreaya Ghoshal is the best singer in Bollywood….and u guyz cannot degrade Alka Yagkin..she has also won many many awards….

  5. 1neha4evr says:

    she deserved it. i luv her voice

  6. TheAmitsen says:

    shreya is quite lucky that her competitor r not at all good in singing………….n i think she is getting this benefit n hence all d awards r took by her while during alkas time there were many talented singers but still she manage to be at d top………..its not just maater of no. of awards but its d matter that how long a singer ruled d industry……….
    so just wait n atch n never make such meaningless comparison………

  7. hajira2050 says:

    @TheAmitsen shreya has won 30 awards in just 7 years and 4 national awards while alka win only 2 national awards and 30 awards in 30 years cant you see the difference that shreya is more popular excellent and beautiful singer of the world so dont compare her with any other singer

  8. princessofdcool says:

    shreya is the best full stop. however she doesnt need dese crappy awards to prove it…..
    let d other singers with the so called contemporary voices get it hunhh..shreya di is abv all dese petty things

  9. hajira2050 says:

    i love shreya voice

  10. JSpine says:

    Right… Alka Yagnik shoulda won this one…
    But I grant Shreya the award… cuz she is HOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT :P:P:P:P

  11. princyphilip1 says:

    Aishwarya rai’s face look very jelousy (2.22) when shreya thanked akshay and kat for making the song look beautiful…………!

  12. PZ156 says:

    I personally thought Shruti Pathak should have won!!

  13. luckygupta11 says:

    Tu muskura by alka yagnik is better

  14. luckygupta11 says:

    Crap decision made…Teri ore is just a simple sweet number..Though I love it, Shreya was jus good..not awardworthy…
    Alka Yagnik deserved it for her magical rendition of ‘tu muskura’..Its a complex compostion with the unconventional looping of tones…making it western classical…Rahman had wisely chosen the queen of melody for singing it! Alka yagnik shud have got her 8th filmfare award for this one.Anyway, she is beyond all these awards…Let d new singers be happy!

  15. TheAmitsen says:

    u rascal if u say such commnts regardng alak then i think u have d same opinion for lataji as her voice resembles lataji in many songs………….just see sheyas performnc in mirchi music award singing this song……….d voice is very diffrnt frm that of d original song…………it shows that its bcoz of todays softwares that makes a good voice very good……………so nest time have a prpoer knowldge n make a commnt…………idiot

  16. TheAmitsen says:

    u blady just see alka’s age and shreyas age n then make a comment………..and a grt singer remains singing througth his/her life which alka is still doing……………and shreya is new to d industry let see what she do in her career…….

  17. mintyblue1985 says:

    Shreya’s voice is better than Alka Yagnik’s. Alka’s is too thin and Shreya’s flows ,more naturally. It is also better pitched. So yes, Shreya deserved this as usual. she si the best and beter tahn many in the last gneration.

  18. shrey0132 says:

    shreya dee’s voice is crystal clear and it takes u to an another world…..she is my idol because she has fought her way from dust to peaks of glory …..alka ji is also good but her voice is too sweet to digest…the little husk in shreya dee’s voice makes it all the more melodious…..i start feeling a bit irritated wen i hear alakaji’s voice on my microphone or headset

  19. Abhya100 says:

    wil u marry me shreya.
    i love ur voice also u.
    ur my the most fevorate singer

  20. blackazdiamond says:

    they all were nice lyrics..anyone wud hav sung a song good with a good composer..

  21. 726jigglypuff says:

    tsk tsk.. the grapes are always sour to those who can’t reach it. shreya won. period. so instead of ranting & raving about it just move on with your life. alka yagnik is seasoned enough & has won enough accolades. it’s now time for the new generation to get some credit. shreya rocks!

  22. SRKGirl1983 says:

    I so agree …Alka Yagnik deserved to win that year …I love Shreya but Alka’s singing in Tu Muskura was outstanding

  23. imcoolgovind180 says:

    aha … is it so? if teri ore has straight notes then why didnt u sing it? rascal…. hop u r not som guruji right?

  24. imcoolgovind180 says:

    v will not forget teri ore , u may forget as u hav no sense… u idiot such a sweet and melodious song is teri ore and u compare it with tu muskura…..phew..

  25. luckygupta11 says:

    Listen to ‘tu muskura’ by alka yagnik…You will forget teri ore!

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