shreya ghoshal@ filmfare south kannada 2009

she is so nice

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  1. MrSanthoshvenkatappa says:

    kannada is really an awesome language

  2. arungowds1 says:

    i dont understand kannada completely . but i feel kannada is such a good language to hear. its so melodious language and all singers from other language are appreciated.

  3. pradeepa1274 says:

    Kannada rocks.

  4. princess201coolify says:

    shreya voice is awesome what was that language i cant understand

  5. pradeepullal says:

    shreya is india’s greatest singing sensation. grounded, beautiful and level headed, she really brings freshness into every song. one must appreciate chitra, she really is such an amazing artiste and truly acknowledges other singers whole heartedly. the younger ones have to learn from her:)

  6. inder19852000 says:

    Chitra is very humble singer, which makes her more special

  7. kpbdentist says:

    fav. among my fav somngs. good singing.

  8. hajira2050 says:

    wow amazing voice i am your biggest fan i love u so much

  9. srinix8000 says:

    First time hearing to Shreya, what a wonderful voice, even unplugged, just blew me away!

  10. JSpine says:

    what a queen… love her

  11. 911ness says:

    what is this song called?? I dont understand anything besides her hindi and punjabi songs but this is so melodious!

  12. geethagovinda says:

    Great shreya, wow….we all in karnataka love u a lot so keep singing.

  13. jdeepm77 says:

    Everything is fine -good actors and singers except for those two presenters -first, let them pronounce kannada properly -bit upsetting non-kannada accent. Why cant we have pure kannada speakers, is there an embarrassment to speak pure kannada?

  14. shrey0132 says:

    although shreya is in her mid twenties..its not gonna be long for her to become a veteran…she is the voice of today…achieving 4 national awards (latest) at such a tender age is no child’s play dude…….we love u shreya

  15. enne1231 says:

    dont compare this mere Shreya…with veteran Chitra who s in the singing field even before Shreya was born……already so many Shreyas came and went but still voice of Chitra still lives on…grow up kid…..

  16. inder19852000 says:

    I love Chitra and Shreya Ghoshal

  17. 726jigglypuff says:

    two of my favourites hansika & shreya together! hehe.. congratulations shreya! you’re definitely my fav female voice!

  18. calvingmail says:

    Superb Shreya..We in Karnataka love your voice.

  19. jejunostomy says:

    Shreya Ghoshal, you have a fantastic voice and you have prooved that singing in both Hindi, bengali and in almost all the south indian languages, that’s just great and you see how people love your voice here in South, Mungaru male, muthsangeh mathu, milana, etc.

  20. pramodks81 says:

    and also she is not mature enough in answering controvertial question(“Funny” word used for south indian langs) i guess. She is young and she can learn with age.

    She can learn these things from Sonu Nigam. He is very good in handling media.

  21. pramodks81 says:

    I have seen that interview, she has made that statement in a casual way when the interviewer provoked her.
    Recently she has been to Bangalore & Mysore, she spoke about AR Rahman, illayaraja and Mano Murthy with lot of respect. She also said that its south indian languages that gives lot of satisfaction while singing.
    Even in this video, she said good words about kannada and she is down to earth.

  22. shvrajable says:

    i do agree that she has won many awards in her mid 20s,, but she made soe remarks about south indian languages as “Funny” , listen to her interviw, it is south indian languages that brought her name and fame,, this comment was not based on her remark, but she is a very good singer, even i love her voice, even i have become her fan like u

  23. pramodks81 says:

    Shreya already won 3 National words and she is only in her mid twenties. She has won filmfare awards in 3 differrent languages.
    Show me any other singers in India who has achieved this much of success.
    Shreya ghoshal is already better singer than Chitra and chitra is also great singer but not as much great as shreya ghoshal.

  24. shvrajable says:

    she may not overpass queens like Chithraji . she is only a good singer

  25. BombayTheme says:

    yeah I was gonna say that ; Chitra & Shreya both are melodious queens. Even though I dont understand Kanada, this unplugged version by Shreya is mind blowing.

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