Shreya Ghoshal gives Ahmedabad a perfect gift on the eve of its 600th birthday

AHMEDABAD: Is it her attitude and style, is it her serene beauty or is it her lingering melody that makes her Shreya Ghoshal? If you believe Jalp Lakhia, a graphic designer, it is her mesmerising style or ‘adaa’. If you ask the elderly Pratibha Vasavada, it is her voice. But on Friday night, sitting on the wide open lawns of Karnavati Club and listening to Shreya Ghoshal croon one chart-buster after another made you believe it was the entire package that got you hooked.

Her charisma as a leading playback singer was captured in the range of songs that she selected to woo Amdavadis on the eve of the city’s 600th birthday. From ‘Piyu bole’ to ‘Jaadu hai nasha hai’, from ‘Tere mast mast do nain’ to ‘Pal pal’, she became the darling of Amdavadis. She got everyone into a celebration mood that the city of Ahmedabad deserved as a birthday gift. It was almost as if she was starting a love affair with the city.

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