Shreya Ghoshal makes Chennai sing

It was a concert that will be remembered for a long time to come. It was a concert organized to celebrate 3.5 lakh copies of the Chennai edition of The Times of India, and Shreya Ghoshal had the Chennai audience singing along in no time. Thousands of Shreya fans had congregated at the YMCA Grounds on Saturday night, to listen to the melody queen sing some of her and Chennai’s favourite numbers.


The evening started with a roar of applause as the TOI’s Chance-ey Illa video was screened. Television actor Bosskey then introduced Shreya and then she came on stage singing Sunn Raha Hai na Tu, from Ashiqui 2. The crowd went berserk. In between, Shreya said, “Chennai is one of my favourite cities to perform in. I get to sing to the most melodious audience here. All of you were singing with me, and in pucca sur that too, this happens only in Chennai,” she said, and received thunderous applause. We spotted dancer Saraswathi at the concert, she told us, “Lakshmi (Ravichander, her sister and composer Anirudh’s mom) and I make sure we attend every concert of Shreya’s in Chennai. She is truly the nightingale of India. She can sing in any genre and is an entertainer.” Lakshmi added, “I am glad that Anirudh made her sing in his films.”

Through the night, she sang many of the songs that the fans had requested her to sing, and she joked, “First love, or second, third, fourth, too, or if you have had a break-up, whatever your problem is, I have a song for you.” She also got many encore requests, and after obliging twice, she said, “If I sing every song twice, it will be tomorrow night before I finish this programme.” And then, she announced, “In a way, this is where it all started for me. I had never imagined I’d get a chance to sing for him, but then, not once but multiple times, I sang for the living legend, the god-like Ilaiyaraaja,” and then went on to sing Unna Vida, to a deafening applause.

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