Shreya Ghoshal Medley -1, Suniyoji & mere Dholna, Shreya Ghoshal Sings Suniyoji & mere Dholna at Chote Ustad. More photos will be up on this blog page , and interviews to follow on youtube. Thanks to all the fans like me Video by Hemant Parikh keep in touch with me on

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal Medley -1, Suniyoji & mere Dholna

  1. HFMMelodies says:

    @rohitbose2009 I don’t think so, unfortunately. 🙁

  2. desktaxi says:

    I’m speachless cause this girls just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. krishsuman15 says:

    sniti mishra of sa re ga ma 2010 sang it very well

  4. Yasmienastrait says:

    I love this song 2:40. Shreya IS THE BEST EVER

  5. rohitbose2009 says:

    @HFMMelodies why cant there b a singer like lata again? i think shreya is on her way to b there :-/

  6. rohitbose2009 says:

    @sbannik it’s plain stpid to abuse ppl just for liking someone mre thn someone els. Yes lata is a lgnd, but i think it’s unfair to say that thr wll nvr b a sngr lik her agn.she hd an amzing voice in the 60s n is awesome singer but , her voice started sounding shrieky and nasal since the 80s and hardly matched with any of the actresses she sang for…..So, if someone thinks shreya is better than lata, it makes no sense calling him “fuckin retard” :-/….evryone is entitled to his opinion

  7. arman21991 says:

    aww she was in sa re ga ma pa

  8. rinkeshpatel22 says:

    very nice

  9. shannsharma says:

    What a live performance?!!! Awesome would be less to say.

  10. Chandnicute says:

    Shreya you are the BEST! We Love you!

  11. venera1966 says:

    ITS voice as hypnosis. It mega a star of the Indian musical industry. A voice simply magic. Gallant!!!

  12. FAIEZQADRI says:

    nice medley…

  13. BLUERAY1611 says:

    @hkhatri who cares she has worlds best voice

  14. c0075z says:

    @hajira2050 Ur comment tempt me to meet you once…

  15. HFMMelodies says:

    @rayayan How do you people so stupid with your comments ??? You cannot touch Lata & Asha.

  16. HFMMelodies says:

    @hajira2050 That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. You shouldn’t just compare anyone to the legendary Lata!!

  17. High2Tension says:

    @hkhatri LOL
    use COMMON sense yaar

  18. aimy1233 says:


  19. prince423khan says:

    u r superbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  20. MrKriss141 says:

    I love u yaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. MrKriss141 says:

    I Love You yaar

  22. FawazHarris says:

    Imagine sleeping and waking up to this heavenly voice???

  23. innocent4eva says:

    shes so frikkin good!!! amamamamazzzing!!! i have goosebumps! i wish i could sing half as good!

  24. hajira2050 says:

    shreya is better than lata the whole world loves you shreya

  25. yasirbaloch1111 says:

    sherya is soo gracefull women amongst bollywood singers

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