Shreya Ghoshal on Holi

Singing her favorite songs and Holi Message. More photos will be up on this blog page , and interviews to follow on youtube. Thanks to all the fans like me Video by Hemant Parikh keep in touch with me on

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  1. kuthuveeranolo says:

    am frm kerala she sang lot of songs in malayalam also..he is gifted voice and talented singer i love her..

  2. lakshmy2009 says:


  3. princess201coolify says:

    she is sooooooooooo cute love you shreya

  4. akhmumbai says:

    I am 100% sure she is in her Anushaktinagar residence in Mumbai in this video…

    Simple, Modest, Talented… and with very very sweet voice

  5. deewanahemant says:

    Its classical tarana, based on a raag during classical music training u sing folk or old melodies which is different from hindi songs ect

  6. dllwin says:

    whats the song in the background called at 1:55 ?

  7. Tessa302 says:

    What’s the 3rd song she’s singing? She sang this same one on that televised radio interview…

  8. hajira2050 says:

    shreya is the best singer of the world she wins 30 awards in just 7 years she is the only play back singer with 4 awards in just her 20s the whole world loves you shreya and hats off to you

  9. xIndianladyy says:

    wauwww… tooo beautifull for words…

  10. lakshmy2009 says:

    beautiful Shreya…

  11. divyaitsme says:

    shreya is a secnd lata mangeshkar… after lata.. i like her voice … realy a melody voice gvn by god blessngs.. wish u al d bst shreya…… future

  12. MrAsnathan93 says:

    Wow she’s pretty too

  13. MrRamanie says:

    Love her, great voice and pretty too,you are the best dear, Singing and play music Instrument.

  14. hap1e says:

    Happy Holi to you Shreya.
    God’s gifted and a natural beauty.

  15. zeeenda says:

    buy it…open it…find out…get back to us…

  16. iluvmilk1 says:

    that is a bass mell harmonium…in which ….lower pitch…gets automatically operated wid middle case of harmonium keys…..k…thts why keys r seeing pressed lyk tht….

  17. faranqureshi1 says:

    how come the hormonium keys are pressing themself…strange

  18. llcbnepu says:

    hai hai kya ada hai..

  19. kingmahadeo says:

    u don’t have any sister or mother?????learn to respect first!!!

  20. vasuudevand says:

    LOOK at the way she handles microphone….she like ‘COCK” when she does BLOW JOB she gives same expression and SUCKS DICK…………SHREYA SUCK MY DICK

  21. 02princess10 says:

    is she hindi?

  22. shreyaghoshalfan1 says:

    long live shreya

  23. abcdabcd58 says:

    her voice is lyk mishri

  24. nvm3xx69 says:


  25. 9175289296 says:

    1:23 to 1:53 is a popular Holi song was Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat from the film, Navrang

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