Shreya Ghoshal performing at Mirchi Music Awards 2009

Shreya Ghoshal singing at Mirchi Music Awards 2009 songs ‘Teri Ore’ (Singh Is Kinng), ‘Barso Re’ (Guru), ‘Yeh Ishq Hai’ (Jab We Met).

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal performing at Mirchi Music Awards 2009

  1. poissondelamer says:

    beautyful Urdu song, her Urd uaccent is also”lajawab”

  2. princess201coolify says:

    shreya ghoshal best performance thats why every one is enjoying her songs and alka is looking jeolous in the whole video

  3. Rdas258 says:

    see was in movie SAAYA just singing “har taraf ” in church that’s it


    i love shreya she is gret 5 stars

  5. babyvlova09 says:

    it was alka yagni all the way until shreya came into the picture lol

  6. Chandnicute says:

    I love Shreya. She is the Best. Beautiful voice! Brand new nightingale of our country.

  7. mahesh25387 says:


  8. westfield90 says:

    Awesome. I love her singing

  9. sachinrameshtendulkr says:

    <3 Shreya Ghoshal.. God's Gift to India and music!!

  10. hajira2050 says:

    @usv2k personally i hate the voice of sunidhi thats why i hate her performances

  11. usv2k says:

    i think sunidhi’s performance was awesome!

    This is just so-so

  12. 1000katrina says:

    She can’t sing live…..

  13. icyalps0808 says:

    Shreya U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tano1100 says:

    i love both sunidhi and shreya

  15. suryasingh1990 says:

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  16. DU2241955 says:

    2.28…Oh shit…Go….go…..More…. energy.

  17. eloelo511 says:

    legendary voice.

  18. linishprasad says:

    And finally her signature song. I like the ways she says poocho na poocho… Kewwwwlll

  19. linishprasad says:

    The most beautifulll and talented singer in the country who can sing in any language. Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Thamizh, Telugu what not??? She s got the best drressing sense. She dresses far bettert than many of the so called Bollywood beauties.

  20. 111MsJs says:

    <3 u shreya!!!

  21. raizada999 says:

    shreya is more beautiful as her voice

  22. hajira2050 says:

    alka is looking jeolous in the whole video

  23. ononiap says:

    @Mysza03 LOL! Yeah I know it’s Shriya. But Shreya was Shriya’s friend. LOL Yeah Chatrapathi is an awesome movie. I love Prabhas. But Shreya was just an extra. That is what I’m trying to say. Hehehe =-)

  24. Mysza03 says:

    @ononiap it was Shriya Saran 🙂 well you’re right they are quite similar. But i simply LOVE Chatrapathi and am sure about Shriya playing Prabhas’s love interest ^^

  25. ononiap says:

    @Mysza03 No I think it was her I saw…in the movie Chatrapathi…I’m sure it was her. Looked like her. It’s a Telugu film starring Prabhas. I think it was her…but maybe I’m wrong…hmmm

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