Shreya Ghoshal Rejects Acting

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  1. aman113 says:

    play grism lmaoo

  2. Shoppingstar525 says:

    Wait, why’d she reject acting? I don’t understand Hindi…

  3. farid1948 says:

    শ্রেয়া তোমাকে ছালাম ।


    ফরিদ —কাকু
    অমেরিকা থেকে ।

  4. Chandnicute says:

    Love your voice Shreya, u r the most talented singer in India. We love you!

  5. bheegiyaadain says:

    @simmi51 SOME1 PLZ TELL ME TOOOO !!

  6. poissondelamer says:

    Urdu songs and music gave her identity and money, while she is fucking Urdu langauge by mixing english words without reason and needs, indian namakharam.

  7. simmi51 says:

    can you plz tell me what song she is singing
    i love her voice

  8. hajira2050 says:

    @MrSuitapak shreya is the queen of the world i agree with you the whole world loves you you have lots of crazy fans all over the world

  9. hajira2050 says:

    shreyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love you the whole world loves you

  10. MrSuitapak says:

    u r the queen shreya.. If not 2 the world, atleast 2 me..

  11. kritiverma22 says:

    @shreyaghoshalfan1 wawwwwwooooo yaaaaarr i love ur voice bcoz shreya g ko voice meri voice jesi he bt mujhe singing nhi ati or unki singing waaaaawwooooo

  12. shrey0132 says:


  13. shreyaghoshalfan1 says:

    What is the title and what is the video

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