Shreya Ghoshal singing “Naa naguva modalene” from manasaare

Shreya singing the kannada song “Naa naguva modalene” in manasaare audio release press meet. what a voice it is… Superb voice, superb lyrics.

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  1. manjunathhome says:

    beautifull voice ………………..

  2. akashvhegde says:

    @pramodks81 Na shes not the best but yeah she sings very well in my opinion alka yagnik sings better than shreya cause she has some weight in her voice where shreya lacks(i mean shes got sweet voice but not weightage)

  3. skylark304 says:


    after 63 yrs INDIAN should think like that. which AMERICAN is thinking IRISH,french or british or german or italian?

  4. kiranraj73 says:


  5. Ashwin817 says:

    i luv her voice… beautiful song…

  6. pramodks81 says:

    I agree that we are Indians first. But we shud be proud of being kannadigas,Tamilians etc. After all our country beleived in Unity in Diversity.
    And as far as Singers are concerned, they all belong to every language. I have seen most of the singers sing in many languages. Even great Lata Mangeshkar has sung one kannada song.
    And Shreya ghoshal has sung more song in kannada after Hindi. She is a house hold name in karnataka like Sonu Nigam.

  7. shreyaghoshalfan1 says:

    Shreya Ghoshal belongs to all states of India

  8. MrShriSur says:

    Let us identify ourselves as Indians raher than Kannada, Marathi,Bengali,Gujrati. Shreya is not Bengali but Indian, Hrithik is not Punjabi but Indian, Aish (from Karnataka) is not Kannda but Indian, Sachin Tendulkar is not Marathi but Indian, AR Rahman is not Tamilian but Indian, Dr Yesudas is not Keralite but India. Do you agree with me my friend?

  9. MrShriSur says:

    Appreciate talent my friend! Shreya is really very talented singer and such a beautiful down to earth person. I am sure Karnataka also has lot of talent, its just a matter of time, Kannada talent will flourish as well.

  10. pramodks81 says:

    There is no language for Music. Shreya ghoshal voice is very sweet and her pronounciation of kannada is better than any kannada singers.
    Both shreya ghoshal and sonu nigam have spoke about kannada & kannadigas in a respectful manner outside karnataka. That has brought lot of recognition to kannadigas.
    And actually other than Dr.Rajkumar, all the so called famous singers like PBS, SPB, Janaki, Chitra are all non kannadigas.

  11. masalex2009 says:

    Sick of these overhyped imports taking away chances from golden singers in Karnataka. Suck on dear Kannadigas! Suck on the “talent” from elsewhere! But dont stick a yellow and red scarf around ur necks and scream Kannadigas were shortchanged and block traffic! F***-ing hypocrites!

  12. dubbila says:

    Awesome Voice

  13. pramodks81 says:

    Shreya goshal is the best singer in India. And numero uno in kannada.

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