Shreya Ghoshal sings song from jab we met in qawaali style in episode 17

Shreya Ghoshal sings song from jab we met Yeh Ishq Hai in qawaali style in episode 17. Chote Ustaad. More photos will be up on this blog page , and interviews to follow on youtube. Thanks to all the fans like me Video by Hemant Parikh keep in touch with me on

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25 Responses to Shreya Ghoshal sings song from jab we met in qawaali style in episode 17

  1. adchy72 says:

    simply awesome …

  2. SongNadia says:

    “We’re not in the jury cause we’re famous. We’re here because we can kick the contestants’ BUTTS whenever the HELL we want to.”
    Respect their authority people, they definitely earned it o.0

  3. princess201coolify says:

    the versatile singer of the world

  4. jdoll1212 says:

    God, she is AMAZING.

  5. Shaju1993 says:


  6. ka32gul says:

    @MCP4u Gr88 observation !!

  7. Creme123456 says:

    this amazing how her voice literally brings tears to my eyes every single time… she is simply amazing

  8. hnm3000 says:

    she’s a gorgeous singer. Can’t say that i find this kind of TV program gorgeous, though. Why don’t all non-artists simply shut up?

  9. hajira2050 says:

    @adhirajlips1 you want to marry her or him who is him

  10. Sidya1 says:

    I think we all know what this means… someone needs to give her a qawwali number asap! Preferably with Sonu Nigam. Imagine the magic…

  11. BeingMeCorner says:

    WHAT?! Her voice is like WOW and she does it JUST like THAT? :0
    Looks so effortless :0

  12. MCP4u says:

    touches at 0:59

  13. hajira2050 says:

    shreya is awesome her concert in tornoto was also awesome

  14. SUhhlEENAh says:

    i cant believe this is her voice.. i love her soo much! 😀

  15. HFMMelodies says:

    @BreathInnisai Another stupid comment. I am sure in 10 years you’ll be saying the same thing about another singer.

    There is no challenge to the ultimate legends, LataM and AshaB.

  16. High2Tension says:

    ahahahahahahah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    yar shes beautiful

  17. bluberrychill says:

    she looks really pretty here i lvoe her hair here in this video ! =D Shreya YOUR AWESOME!! 🙂

  18. kiki9363 says:

    shreyaaaa u have the softest voice ever

  19. adhirajlips1 says:

    she is so beautifull i want marry him

  20. ib422000 says:

    I love you, girl!

  21. FahimMusicPro says:

    My God that talent.. WOW

  22. ononiap says:

    SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. MissShamita says:


  24. ShreyaFan1 says:

    Shreya is my all time favourite! Luv her!

  25. AKHILESHVYAS says:

    i love sherya yaar.. so cool, lovely! gr8, really gr8…..

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