Sidhu turns composer

Surajit of Bhoomi has done it. So have Gabu of Lakkhichhara, Rupam of Fossils, the Chandrabindoo team and Tuki, Chandrani Co of Krosswindz.

The latest ‘band’ musician to be plunging headlong into filmi waters is Sidhu. The Cactus frontman will be scoring for Rana Basu’s “Namte Namte”, which is based on Dibyendu Palit’s story, “Trata” (The Saviour). He is here to stay.

Ask him about his decision to turn music director and he says, “I was never in a rush. There are around 200 tunes recorded on my cell phone. Some of them are just scratches. I always felt that when the situation demands, I must be in a position to deliver. That’s what I plan to do with this film. Apart from Rana, Goutam Kundu and the team of producers have given me great support.”

The singer-turned-music director says that even though the film is not a musical, the screenplay inspired him to come up with five new songs, “I’ve finalized the romantic number. I want Shreya Ghoshal to sing it, though nothing has been decided yet.”

Sidhu, who has scored music for two non-film albums before, says there’s a lot of difference between scoring for films and making music for Cactus. “In films, you need to compose songs to go with certain situations, which isn’t the case when you are scoring for your band. Also, every Cactus member comes up with inputs for the album,” he says.

Does that mean that the music will be a far cry from the signature Cactus tunes? “Cactus songs impart an urban feel, while the film is meant to bridge the urban-rural divide. In fact, there’s a suburban feel to the songs, which comes through in the instrumentation, music arrangement and even the tuning of the guitar,” Sidhu feels. The film revolves around Rajatava Dutta and Saswata Chatterjee and how a common man starts depending on a goon for survival. “Long back, I had composed a song, which has the words, “Namte namte”. There’s a sequence in the film with which the song will gel well.”

Rana, on his part, is all praise for Sidhu. “This is my debut film and also his launchpad as a music director. It’s a huge challenge for the two of us. At a time when so many newcomers are scoring for films, I felt Sidhu’s talent should also come to the fore. I’ve known him personally and I’ve seen a huge range in his music. I’m more than confident that Sidhu will do a great job.”

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