Singers from across the country participate in ‘X Factor’

Reportedly, the show that aims at giving the country someone with talent and X- factor, kick started on Sunday and got record viewership as singers from across the country displayed their talents.

While some of the performances were truly commendable and stole hearts, some had the judges divided and others were simply outrageous.

Talking about the show, Sonu Nigam said, “We’ve had everything from 16 Rajasthani folk singers dressed in turbans singing in high-pitched voices to the soft voice of a 70-year-old man who has been brought up with the Bollywood traditions of the 1960s.”

Experience is special, says Shreya Ghoshal
Just like the UK version of the hit reality show, which had Cheryl Cole, who herself was a finding of a talent hunt show, as a judge of the show, similarly Shreya was a finding of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’.

“The experience is even more special as she is judging the show along with two musical icons in Sanjay and Sonu. Judging with Sanjayji and Sonu makes it even more special, because the credibility, the musical expanse that is associated with both of them. They are the cream of music icons today,” said Shreya.

Remembering her first major break with ‘Devdas’, in which she crooned five numbers, Shreya said SLB gave her the much needed platform as playback singer and it was after winning the best singer award for her songs in his film, she was flooded with offers.

One is born with X-factor
Meanwhile, talking about the concept of the show, the female singer said that X-factor was something that one is born with.

“Usually one feels X-factor is something where people jump and show their enthusiasm and all that. Most of our singers don’t do that. It is not specific what X-factor actually is…it has to be captivating,” added Shreya.

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