Sonu Sood to promote vegetarianism

Chennai:  Actor Sonu Sood, who received
rave reviews for his work in the Salman-starrer Dabangg, is
joining PETA to promote vegetarianism.

Sood recently won an award for best performance in a
negative role in the film at the International Indian Film
Academy (IIFA) Awards in Canada.

In Canada, he took time out of his packed schedule to
write to the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, urging
him to end the slaughter of baby seals there for fur.

“It’s a fun way to teach people about the benefits of
being vegetarian. Besides, vegetarians deserve some extra love
for helping to save animals and the environment. Dont be shy
get out there and give all the vegetarians you know a big
hug,” Sood said in a statement.

PETA observes September 30 as ‘Hug a Vegetarian’ Day.

Sood’s Tamil film Osthi is slated for release soon.
He will also be starring in Rana with Tamil superstar

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