Sreeram n shreya ghoshal with Salim-Sulaiman.mp4

this is from sampath

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  1. shajidalishaik says:

    i think this song suits for anaganaga oka dheerudu which has recently realsed

  2. vspchaturvedula says:

    i like this one so much….better than what they replaced it with….

  3. hastetheday101 says:

    @emailmeabtthat84 unfortunately, they did not use this song for the movie.

  4. umakanth54 says:

    does anyone know where to find this song…..
    if so please provide the link…
    I couldnt find this song in the anagana oka dheerudu…..

  5. emailmeabtthat84 says:

    I couldnt find this song in the anagana oka dheerudu, mp3 songs i downloaded? can anyone confirm!

  6. prr71 says:

    from the video its evident that there could be some chemistry going on between Salim and Shreya… you know the typical smiles and stuff like that… 🙂

  7. prr71 says:

    beautiful tune and super rendition by both… look at Sreeram’s excitement…shows how much he liked the tune. could be the next SPB in making if God willing.

  8. maattson says:

    awesome.. looking forward for the release of this song….love it

  9. pranav403 says:

    yemo yemo yemo ye maya great work by sreeram and shreya. definitely award winning song.

  10. writepawan says:

    Nice singing together ! Hey they make a cute couple too !

  11. arravs says:

    it really sounds cool … sreeram u rock man!!!

  12. nagarjunkattainibm says:

    This wil be from the movie “Once upon a Tear Drop” starring Siddharth and Shruthi Hassan. Sriram u rock man:)

  13. shahid1vio1love says:

    Wow, I don’t understand the language bit ti still sounds gr8!!! Sreeram rox!!!

  14. vij0ychandra says:

    This is from the film yodha still filming directed by prakash rao ,starring siddharth,co-produced by walt disney.

  15. ghayasudinaqib says:

    Which film is this?????? Song is very nice and awesome…….

  16. sunilvadluri2k9 says:

    great start to sreeram………… is superb……….definately it will b the one of the top song in telugu films

  17. srikanthlee143 says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooo!…..dats brilliaaaaaaaant!….

  18. kirannumb says:

    very nice start to sreeram’s career very nice composition….. and paired up with none other than Shreya… would like to see more combinations of both!!!!! Well can’t wait to listen to full song gonna see when it releases !!!!!

  19. Crym007Tym says:

    SuperB Song

  20. Johnnykancharla says:

    Awesome !!!

  21. sgpkd says:

    nice song and beautifully sung by sreeram and shreya .Great job done by all four of them.

  22. shankucbit says:

    awesome song

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