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By Abid, Glamsham Editorial

A youthful fresh love story always provides the composer with enough good situations to create some chartbusting music and turbo charges the film with just the right impetus needed to ensure a good opening at the ticket window. We have seen time and again that youthful love stories, right from BOBBY, LOVE STORY, BETAAB, QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK, DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE to KAHO NA PYAR HAI, have had some memorable music that has seen the movies achieve the kind of success that they have managed!

Since debutant director Pawan Gill has been working with Yash Raj Films’ for quite a long time and claims that JO HUM CHAHEIN is his ode to Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra style of filmmaking, this statement inspires much hope that the music too will be very good, if not up to the Chopra standards but can come close to it. With the young budding composer Sachin Gupta (famous for his tracks in PRINCE and private music albums of reputed singers like Atif Aslam, Alisha Chinoy etc) and the inform lyricist Kumaar, handling the music department we are sure that this young team would definitely churn out some lovely compositions, so let’s get started!

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It’s party time as the first song of the album ‘Aaj Bhi Party’ commences and Suraj Jagan takes to the song like a fish to water. Though we have mostly heard him delivering rock based compositions Suraj comes out with flying colours in this all youth oriented dance party number that has an extremely groovy rhythm. The number is almost in the same corridor as ‘Party Abhi Baki Hai’ (F.A.L.T.U) and has all the elements to make it a hit with its target audience. The highlight is of course the superb musical arrangements that go hand in hand with the groovy rhythm and makes for a good party-cum-celebration number. The lyrics by Kumaar are very identifiable and the youth will certainly love the Hinglish words penned by him. ‘Aaj Bhi Party’ is just the rocking start an album needs to kick off proceedings.

Since JO HUM CHAHEIN is a youthful love story and an ode to Yash Raj style of filmmaking the next song, ‘Ishq Hothon Se’ is naturally an all out romantic number that bears the stamp of Chopra-SRK legacy! And that itself is a compliment to the young composer who has definitely managed to create a love song that may have resemblance to songs composed by Jatin-Lalit yet it’s very fresh, very endearing, light on the ears and one that transports the listeners to a romantic destination with its crisp musical arrangements and filmy mushy lyrics. And above all the lovely jugal bandi of Shreya Ghoshal and K.K who are just excellent, especially Shreya who croons into the hearts of one and all! It’s just the song that one can fall in love with and since it has been shot in the exotic locales of Ladakh it sure is eye pleasing as can be seen from the promos.

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Mushy romance leads to dhamakedar ‘Bhangra’ pop dance number, ‘Peepni’ and the tune that has been used (in the mukhda) is the age old Punjabi folk, and one can recall Abbas-Mustan’s title song from SOLDIER (Anu Malik) following the same tune. But the antara and the treatment is very different and contemporary, and that is where the composer Sachin Gupta’s music acumen comes to light. The song entertains and succeeds in its attempt at creating a good all round youthful dance track and is also helped in a manner by lyricist Kumaar who knows the pulse of the youth with his right usage of Hinglish. The trio of Mahi Maninder Singh (who commences the song with his robust Punjabi vocals), Monali Thakur and Jaspreet Singh keep the tempo up with high on energy rendition and the end result is a good dance track.

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A love story is never complete without a heart rending sad song about separation (judaai) and the young composer Sachin provides just that with ‘Abhi Abhi’ and ropes in the master of such numbers, K.K, to do the honours. Sasha Tirupati’s ‘Birha’ (separation) rendition commences the song and although it’s chaste Punjabi, yet her soulful and heart touching vocals provide just the right setting. After that it’s K.K’s show all the way where he delights with his highly emotive singing. Yet again Kumaar’s lyrics are an added benefit as they are not just situational but very innovative and easy to comprehend – ‘Abhi abhi dil toota hai, Abhi abhi khwab mein dararein padi hain, Abhi abhi saya chhoota hai.’ The tune used by Sachin too is very nice, never morose, with light guitar strumming, lovely piano drills and violin notes to drive home the pain and sadness of the main protagonist.

Neeraj Shridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan are the perfect couple to provide just the right finish to a fine album with ‘One More One More’, and it’s once again contemporary Punjabi pop, ‘bhangra’ style dance number with classy western musical arrangement, a good fusion track. Although the start with lovely guitar beats is misleading, and one thinks that it’s a romantic track ahead but the song changes complexion soon enough. There is never a dull moment as Neeraj and Sunidhi rise above the heard before tune with a highly energetic renditions and the end result is an enjoyable fare.

Multifaceted composer Sachin Gupta has hit just the right notes and managed to come up with some nice enjoyable compositions. ‘Ishq Hothon Se’, ‘Peepni’ and ‘Abhi Abhi’ are the pick of the album and with just the right promotion, the album will surely turn out to be winner for all concerned and should help the film open well at the ticket window when it releases all over on 16th December!

Rating – 3.5/5

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