T-Series, Rs 175


T-Series, Rs 175

Welcome to the first ‘outside’ Himesh Reshammiya score since Namastey London and the delayed Milenge Milenge. Pritam was to score the film earlier and his solo contribution I love you (Ash King-Clinton Cerejo) is a song that’s really worked upon rather than just run-of-the-mill and the special effort is clearly for Salman Khan, though you do not care much for its Shaan-Clinton version.

And how does Himesh fare? To start with, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-Shreya Ghoshal’s Teri meri meri teri is a treat for souls parched for melody in a jungle of jingles. The nuanced composition and its cerebrally-conceived mood orchestration differentiates both a true-blue composer and the Hindi film music director from those who fabricate exten-ded catchy hooks in the sacrosanct name of film songs. The lyrics (Shabbir Ahmed) are simple but nice, and of course, simple thou-ghts penned in a simple way are just about the most difficult things to do. Tall order that, but lyricist Shabbir Ahmed’s work shows the fluidness of an Anand Bakshi and one hopes that he gets better at this as well as his content.

Desi beat (by the lucky team of Mika and Amrita Kak singing together after Dhinka chika and Character dheela hai) is a routine Punjabi number, and maybe the R.D.Burman-esque notes in the music (that emulate the antaras of Hum Kisise Kum Naheen’s Tum kya jaano) could have been replaced, but they fit in tangentially yet very well with a strictly Punjabi flavour that the song has. And yes, by the way, Himesh has improved his sound production in leaps and bounds, for except in Namastey London, Radio and Kajrare, this was a weak area for him.

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