Tattoo removal hurts really bad: Megan Fox

London:  Megan Fox admits getting tattoos removed is more painful than having them done.

The 25-year-old Transformers star, who is married to actor Brian Austin Green, started her body ink collection when she was just 19, but has since changed her mind about some of the artwork.

She said: “Everyone warned me and told me, ‘There’s going to be a day when you don’t love this stuff anymore. You’re going to grow up’.

“I was stubborn and thought that I was going to love it forever, or that it would be like a book of my life, all the things that I loved when I was young. It’s not that way at all.”

Megan is now in the process of having a portrait of Marilyn Monroe removed from her right forearm, and admits the procedure is no walk in the park.

She told The Tonight Show: “It hurts really bad. It’s really painful. Getting them is not that bad, obviously, because I have so many.

“I can’t explain the exact science to you, but when the laser hits the ink on your skin it kind of explodes and looks like little kernels of popcorn popping up.

“It’s traumatic and it’s incredibly painful. They can’t numb it enough to make the pain go away.”

And the worst pain could still be yet to come if she decides to remove her other eight tattoos, some of which are on her stomach and ribs.

She added: “This is going to be the least painful one to take off. She doesn’t look so good anymore!”

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