Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial

Fact is sometimes stranger and enthralling than fiction…so when a cherubic reel love story culminates into a scintillating successful real love story, one such eventful cinematic happening is all set to happen in TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA. This fun-loving comic-caper has already been a ‘cool’ newsmaker for many good reasons. Firstly, a couple of its songs made themselves very popular at internet and then a dazzling Riteish-Genelia wedding, a momentous ‘filmi-news’ about lead pair of the flick, brought the entire film industry together.

On the musical front, TIPS’ association with both Sachin-Jigar and vocalist Atif Aslam has always been a striking feature, and this offering is expected to add one more feather in their cap. Going with the present trend and taste of listeners, soundtracks of ‘rom-com’ have always generated interest, and expectations from its musicals are expected to be higher! Will the magic of Atif Aslam and Sachin-Jigar working together again for TIPS be another big musical success? Let’s find out…

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Tenderly orchestrated with sweetly tuned vocals, the first romantic outing ‘Piya O Piya’, an adorable duet is one of the finest mellifluous attribute by Sachin-Jigar in B-town. Hugely popular on the net and now aggressively promoted in almost every media circuit, it opens up with serenely pitched aura of nimble-touched sounds and instrumentals that later get affixed with soothing set of brilliant voices. Shreya Ghoshal’s saccharine coated demure rendition is simply pristine and sets a mood for an enchanting melodic setting in a beautiful natural ambience. Atif Aslam’s ever-refreshing voice enlightens the romantic aura and adds a blend of mushiness encapsulated in sentimentalism in breezy Priya Panchal’s delightful set of verses. It’s a gem of a musical outing which will surely compel listener to plug ‘repeat’ button again and again, all thanks to the dexterity of Sachin-Jigar’s innovative skills in composing light-hearted duets, similar to their acclaimed works like ‘Leja Leja’ (TEREE SANG) and ‘Saibo’ (SHOR IN THE CITY). ‘Piya O Piya (sad)’, a reasonably slow but melodramatically profound version is another beautiful melody that adds a valuable substance to the album. Brief in rendition but appealing in modest arrangements, it has almost ‘unplugged’ singing of Atif and Shreya coming together, in delivering out a consequential background score piece for this romantic comic caper; overall a delightful and promising start to the album. Chartbuster!!!

Melody charters new territories and now it turns ‘solo’ with sonorously pitched Mohit Chauhan, a well-received Bollywood ‘Rockstar’, coming out in full vociferous flows in delightfully sounding ‘Jeene De’. As far as composition is concerned, it has Sufism nuances and upbeat styling o f Pritam’s ‘Pee Loon’ (ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI), embroiled well with patent Sachin-Jigar hilly touches (‘Rab Milya’ (TEREE SANG)) that enchants to the hilt. Mayur Puri’s simplistically romantic wordings are ‘easy-on-ears’ (‘Ek mod pe yun koi milega, Millke badal dega safar, Kitne bhi chahe tu kar le bahane, Dil mein kar lega woh basar haan…’) and talks beautifully about optimism in life and love; overall a well-penned work that deserves a mention and adds flow and pace to the track. Sachin-Jigar’s toil at instrumentals makes it a quintessentially Sufi ‘qawalli’ number in rock-fusion feel, a likable genre that has been well-received with the present set of buying audiences. Mohit Chauhan’s lovable voice is again at its full bloom as now the fun enters into soothing unplugged zone in equally mesmerizing ‘Jeene De (Coffee House version)’. This version goes out especially for all those who have cherished ‘unplugged’ versions in concerts like MTV Coke Studio, where a vocalist along with his set of musicians enthralls a set of live audiences and gets duly rewarded by their claps and cheers. High-five on innovation and upbeat in packaging, it’s a pleasant-sounding musical endeavor that will also encourage others in promoting their melodious solo tracks. Melodious!!!


Frenzy ‘bhangra’ mood brings out the comical froth and frolicsome spice in this comical bumpy ride as now musical gears shifts completely in dancing zones in fun-filled ‘Pee Paa Pee Paa Ho Gaya’. Like impressive sounding Lehmber Hussainpuri (of ‘Sadi Gali’ (TANU WEDS MANU) fame), it brings out another impressive Punjabi folksy voice in the form of Diljit Dosanjh to the fore, with the strong support of funky folksy ‘bhangra’ orchestral in the backdrop. It has hilarious affixation of all the slapstick hilarious-cum-lovely romantic occurrences, sparkling out live in funny lyrics, a musical joyride that should be adding swiftness in funny moments of the flick. ‘Pee Paa Desi Mix (Remix by VIP Records)’ is a typical UK ‘bhangra’ folk-fusion offering, where loads of hip-hop emceeing and DJ scratches gel together in making this an amusing feature for the dance-floors. Hilarious!!!

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With the strong support of ‘Tu Mohabbat Hai’, another refreshing melodious duet in the line-up, Sachin-Jigar promise to raise the ‘melody-quotient’ to the extreme high and making this album a ‘must-buy’ commodity for this Valentine Day. Breezy mint freshness in invigorating vocals and immensely mushy in melodic feel, it brings back Atif Aslam, the ‘chosen-one’ to the limelight, delivering out beautiful expressions of soulful love and compassion in Priya Panchal’s well-etched lyrics. Slender sounding Monali Thakur along with Priya Panchal’s back-up vocals adds dollops of adorable femininity that connects well with the delectable romantic feel of the track. After ‘Piya O Piya’ and ‘Jeene De’, Sachin-Jigar deliver out another gem of a performance that will surely go very well with the young urbane listeners. ‘Tu Mohabbat Hai (Remix by DJ Suketu)’ is one anticipated musical move that would surely be creating rage about this lovely melody among party-animals and will be a strong support in creating buzz for the flick. Enchanting!!!

Garishly choreographed and coarsely sung ‘Item-songs’, the new ‘Super-heroes’ in musical section, is now turning out to be essential commodity of almost every Bollywood album. ‘Fann Ban Gayi’, a folksy raunchy ‘item-song’ in typical Haryanvi accent, comes out to be last offering of the album. As per the situational needs of the flick, Sunidhi Chauhan’s crude-cum-rustic singing in Haryanvi accents comes louder in modulating tones to emote out the raunchy feel of the seductress. It comes out to be strictly average soundtrack with bawdy lyrics as its major assets. ‘Fann Ban Gayi (Remix by VIP Records)’ energizes the mood to certain extent and adds ample dosages of ‘masti’ and fun in this insipid sounding track.

TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA makes you ‘fall-in-love’ again with its lovable and charming music. Sachin-Jigar make their first consequential presence of this year with this album by delivering out three beautiful melodies with ample dose of fun-element in ‘Pee Paa Po Ho gaya’. In Bollywood, it’s raining musical success (JODI BREAKERS, EKK DEEWANA THA) this year so far and this album too joins the downpour. Well-conceived soundtracks like ‘Piya O Piya’, ‘Jeene De’ and ‘Tu Mohabbat Hai’ are surely to be hot-favorites in leading TV and FM channels and as predictable will be enjoying a healthier shelf in months to come. The composer-duo has maintained their streak of success with consistency and it shows in the quality and feel of soundtracks. On a delightful Valentine Day, this album can be a worthy attribute to possess…so grab it!!!

Strongly recommended!!!

Rating – 3.5/5

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Genelia-Riteish at TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA music launch
Genelia-Riteish at TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA music launch

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