The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa

For ALL fitness and experience levels. Inspired by the Indian film tradition of infectiously expressive music and dance comes a sexy, saucy, calorie-burning, full-body workout. Fitness star Hemalayaa leads you in traditional moves that will tone you head to toe while unleashing waves of energy and joy. The movements are simple—no exercise or dance experience required—but the results are big. You’ll be getting a cardio, sculpting, and stretching workout while having a blast—and learning moves you’ll love to flaunt on the dance floor. Just let yourself go and boogie to the bhangra beat. It’s impossible not to. Features include audio options (instruction and music or music only) and bonus dance performances…. More >>

The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa

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  1. After having used this Bollywood video workout several times and enjoying the moves on their own, I must say that I find the focus on the idolatrous Hindi deities in the background a major turn off and distraction. As a devout Christian, I find the blatant and frequent display of two pagan religious icons in this video backdrop offensive.

    I love East Indian culture for the most part – I love to eat curries and I adore making unusual clothing with sari fabrics. But I despise idolatry of any kind – especially the misplaced use of it in a video supposedly designed as a light-hearted and fun workout.

    For a while I also studied classical Indian dance, which this Bollywood dancing workout has not the slightest resemblance to. Back then, I was a Christian as well, but thankfully the teacher did not have any idols in her dance studio. But when I finally performed in an East Indian dance show with my class, I was horrified by the huge many-armed statue of Shiva in the back of the stage with incense burning in front of it.

    Needless to say, it was the last time I danced in one of their shows, though I do have a great deal of respect for the intricacies of Indian classical dances. For this reason, I have decided not to use use this video, and have destroyed it instead. It’s a regrettable thing, because without the idols and the demonic looks occasionally flashing out of Himalaya’s eyes, this video would have been a keeper.

    Update, Sept. 25, 2009:

    As the many comments on this review show, I have received a great deal of criticism for my opinion here, and have even been accused of hate, which is not the spirit behind what I have written. I do not hate the girls dancing in this video or the instructor. I do hate the idols and the demons these idols represent, however. As an act of love, I am praying for people like Himalaya all over the world, and hoping that they will come out of the darkness they are in and into God’s marvelous light, where love, mercy, forgiveness and kindness prevail toward people and not hate.

    I also pray that they will stop killing the Christians in their communities – Christians like me who wish them and you no harm and would never wish to use violence to solve a conflict but don’t want to bow down to anyone’s idols or be ridiculed for not wanting to either.

    Please understand that I put this review here as a warning to other Christians who might not want to be cursed by the idolatry in this DVD. It was an act of kindness toward others like me who do not want to do anything to displease God, even if it displeases people. Sorry if it offends some of you, but I have a right to my opinion and so do you. So go ahead and call me names if it makes you feel better. But it won’t change how I feel about idols and demons. I will always hate them both even while loving and praying for the people who bow down to them.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I dont have a review to write because I havent received this package. I have asked for a tracking number last week and still havent received one. Could someone please, please, please give me a tracking number. Thank You, Christine barg
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Smarty Pants says:

    I want to work out and not look at H~ make sexual expressions the whole time I’m trying to burn calories. The workout is fun and causes you to sweat but I question how safe it is. She thrusts her body around alot and I think it would be easy to pull something especially if you are not a young 30 something, which I am. My husband spends alot of time watching the video while I am wathcing it. Atleast he is taking an interest 🙂 When my 3.5yr old daughter tries the dance moves with me, I feel like turning the dvd off. Not the female Indian role model I want. I’d rather put on ER.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Hilbo says:

    Bought this DVD thinking it might show a few more dancemoves for Bollywood. I am so disappointed with it! 3 women in a Bollywood inspired setting who frollock about for 50mins demonstrating moves that a 5 year old would do better. Very badly demonstrated and not at all ‘sassy’…this is constantly used to describe what you should be doing while dancing. Not at all inspiring and ideal for 14-16yr olds who fancy themselves. Really bad DVD and it isn’t a workout. Save yourself the bother of getting it only to return it and just get any of the other DVDs!! Such a pity as some of the reviews were positive and influenced my decision to purchase – will be more cautious in future.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Kerry Breuer says:

    While this video does provide a fun workout, toward the middle it starts to get weird. It seems as though an adult film director was dabbling in dance videos. The movements get racier, ladies look longingly into the camera, voices are strained, and the music says it all: “bow chika wow wow!” Of course this all happened when my boyfriend walked in and we just started laughing! =0 The video made me feel dirty, violated, and insulted. There is NO choreography, and the supposed “performances” at the end are just cuts of “dancing” like some kind of modest Indian Sports Illustrated suggestive fantasy. If you’re into Kama Sutra and Bollywood, this video is for you. I’d pay someone just to take it from me so no one ever discovers it among my collection and I don’t die of embarrassment. I would give this video a zero star rating, except that option doesn’t exist, so I had to give it one star just to post this review.

    For the record, I’ve studied many forms bellydance for a decade, and taken a few Bhangra classes, and this video comes no where near either.

    The much older & simpler “Can’t stop the Bhangra” Masala Bhangra Workout video with Sarina Jain Masala Bhangra Workout, Vol. 1: Funky Style is 10 times better, with REAL dancing & bhangra moves, even an addictive soundtrack & personality. I highly recommend it and can’t stop watching it. Sarina is respected by the bhangra community.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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