The Descendants was the best script:George

Los Angeles:  Hollywood superstar George
Clooney, who stars in Oscar front runner The Descendants,
says the Alexander Payne directed movie unfolds slowly and
beautifully onscreen.

The film, which will be released in India by Fox Star
Studios on January 26, will see the actor surprise his fans
with an unpretentious performance of a clueless father
grappling with two young girls while his wife lies comatose in
a hospital bed following a boating accident.

“I thought it was the best screenplay I’d read in a long,
long time. When you look for trailers for this film, it’s very
hard to explain it, because it’s a film that so slowly
unfolds. So beautifully unfolds. It’s hard to describe the
screenplay. You start reading it and you’re involved from the
minute you start. By the end you’re really taken by it,”
Clooney said in a statement.

With 5 Golden Globe nominations already as well as being
chosen as the best film of 2011 by Los Angeles Film Critics
Association, The Descendants is expected to do well at major
film awards this year, starting with the approaching Oscars in

“George is right for the part and he’s a terrific actor.
He is a real pro and I couldn’t be more positive about him. He
has spent most of his adult life on a film or TV set and he
just loves it; that’s where he feels very comfortable and it
shows. He is so at home,” the director said about his leading

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