The dirty oh la la voice

The dirty oh la la voice

The romantic sugar sweet voice behind many soothing songs like ‘Jaaadoo hai nasha hai’, ‘Teri ore’ and ‘Bahaara’, Shreya Ghoshal is about to break away from her image. The singer is all set with robust item numbers with a strident dance beat. The singer has taken on the challenge and will be heard in The Dirty Picture. “I have had few opportunities to perform when there is an unusual theme, and a chance to sing without any inhibitions,” Shreya accepts.

Which is why Shreya seems to be glad to be part of The Dirty Picture. The lady with a beautiful voice smiles, “It is a pleasure to be a part of The Dirty Picture. It is the first time that I am performing with Bappida and I feel great. Music directors Vishal Shekhar have done a great job. It’s great how they have recaptured the 80’s flavour in such a beautiful way. I have already received so many compliments for this movie that I feel the response to the music is extremely overwhelming.”

Perhaps much of the response is also fuelled by the surprise factor on hearing Shreya sing slightly risqué songs such as Ooh la la. Happy to have changed her image, the singer grins, “The audience is shocked with my cheesy songs but I am sure this film is setting trends.”

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