The ‘Idiot’ factor

Chennai:  Vijay says ‘follow your dream’

The idiot factor: It was the last scene of the movie when it gets too emotional, and I was supposed to be happy for my friends. Jeeva said something so funny that I really couldn’t control my laughter for almost 20 minutes. The entire crew was waiting for me to finish.

Working with Shankar: I wanted to work with him for a very long time. He can also act well and has good timing. He is one of the best directors I have worked with.

Favourite sound: The Tamil version of Zubi Dubi, Aska aska, is my favourite song. I enjoyed shooting it. Incidentally, I’m hooked on to the Kolaveri song.

Real life connect: My parents never wanted me to act. When I reached my 12th standard, I realized I had to act. I followed my dream, and that’s what the movie tells you to do.

Three’s company: I need to like the script to do any role. I really don’t mind working with Ajith or anyone else for that matter if I like the script.

Time out: I love playing games and sports like tennis and cricket with my kids. I also like animated movies. Last month, I took my son and his classmates out to watch The Adventures of Tintin.

Jeeva becomes Koji

The Idiot factor: I used to travel in buses without a ticket. Once, a conductor came to check my ticket, I jumped out and ran. My friend got caught and had to pay a huge fine. After all the drama, he caught up with me, slapped me hard, and scolded me in the choicest language. Also, when I became an actor, I used to use a lot of foul language on the sets and the director could actually hear me. It took me a while to realise this.

Working with Shankar: He has no airs and has been very encouraging, especially since my role is supposed to be comical. He constantly gave me instructions as to what I should do and all the instructions are given over the microphone. He calls me ‘Koji’ after the release of my movie Ko. So he would say, ‘Koji turn right’ or ‘turn left.’

Favourite sound: I love the music of the film, especially En friend pola.

Three’s company: I am open to experimentation. In fact, all my roles have been different till now.

Time out: I am a gadget freak. I have all the new gadgets in the market including my favourite, the PS3. I love playing cricket as well.

Srikanth, the risk taker

The Idiot factor: In one part of the movie, I have a beard. One fine day, I assumed that those portions of the movie were completed, and I shaved. When I reached the sets, the director was shocked. He advised me not to be so careless. I felt very guilty.

Working with Shankar: He made each one of us feel very comfortable. Getting an opportunity to work with a man who has made brilliant movies is overwhelming. He would imitate us so well.

Favourite sound: My favourite track in the movie is En friend pola, the Tamil version of All is well. It took us 14 days to shoot this song.

Real-life connect: I was always into arts and drama and couldn’t imagine doing a ‘nine to six’ job. My parents warned me not to enter the film industry. I knew I was taking a calculated risk but I went ahead.

Three’s company: This film will be a trendsetter and help people break the shackles. We share an equal amount of space and importance in the movie.

Time out: I love gaming and carry my PS3 wherever I go. I also love cricket and will soon be a part of the Celebrity Cricket League.

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