The janta will be judging us: Shreya Ghosal

Shreya Ghoshal is looking forward to Sony’s new talent hunt X factor, which she is judging. She definitely can relate to the contestants and their anxiety as she herself started off as a contestant on a reality show years ago. We caught her for an exclusive chat. Excerpts:

What are you looking forward to in X Factor?
I am very excited yet emotional. It is a big deal for me on this stage and I want to thank Sony and Freemantle for this opportunity. They have given, us judges, an extremely difficult task as we might be judging and selecting 12 finalists from a huge lot but 120 crore janta will be judging us and our judgments. That is scary. We will be meticulous for the same reason as we don’t want to let the audiences watching us down.


What do you find special about X Factor that you chose to be a judge on this show?
X Factor is a show never seen before. It’s huge in magnitude, and a lot is expected from the show. The contestants will go through some 32 tests, and the best will win. We started with listening to their voices on the track, which is a first. We even made them record next and heard them in a natural ambience like near the sea.


What would you say about the kind of contestants on the show?
A singer should be able to sing well anywhere, which was our point, and we wanted to see who could do that. We want to choose singers who are not just good voices but personalities. They can win the hearts of their audiences with their aura and voice. You will fall in love with the contestants, I can guarantee. We have been given categories wherein we get a set of contestants and we mentor them. It will be fun and challenging.

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