To Catch A Star Shreya Ghoshal Intreview – 1

Rare Interview of Shreya Ghohsal. Also check out and Visit Thanks to all the fans like me Video by Hemant Parikh keep in touch with me on

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10 Responses to To Catch A Star Shreya Ghoshal Intreview – 1

  1. 0007kalaya says:

    She speaks very sweetly

  2. mishim100 says:

    This is what a sexy Indian female should be: pretty, talented, sweet, modest and well-behaved. Shreya Ghoshal is all that. And her darker complexion gives her a distinctively Indian look – unlike the actresses in Bollywood. Shreya is my dream girl!

  3. Chandnicute says:

    Shreya u r the Best. You have the most beautiful voice & you look great.

  4. hajira2050 says:

    shreya ghoshal is very beautiful and sexy the whole world loves her including usa

  5. priyashonali1991 says:

    i love you shreya

  6. TheAshra76 says:

    you are wonderful ..

  7. shrey0132 says:

    she sings really really well…….

  8. dissturbia says:

    beautiful voice beautiful person!

  9. Akam216 says:


  10. ammu4kittu says:

    thxs buddy im searching for this video..thxs for uploading a nice video

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