To Catch A Star Shreya Ghoshal Intreview – 3

Rare Interview of Shreya Ghohsal. Also check out and Visit Thanks to all the fans like me Video by Hemant Parikh keep in touch with me on

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10 Responses to To Catch A Star Shreya Ghoshal Intreview – 3

  1. 0007kalaya says:

    she is so decent !

  2. 999Fightclub says:

    She carried herself very nicely, looked very mature, though crowd didnt get into her at first, still didn’t get nervous. Another Bengali beauty! She said Ilayaraja as best, tats cool.

  3. hajira2050 says:

    shreya ghoshal is the best singer she won 30 awards and 4 national awards in just 7 years hats off to you shreya sunidhi shreya ki passing bhi nahi hai

  4. princessofdcool says:

    her laugh is also so cute!

  5. priyashonali1991 says:

    omg her voice is so cute even when she talks.

  6. pavan734 says:

    I like Shreya’s melody songs. I have become her fan

  7. PreityGirl92 says:

    hehe i think thats right at 1:25 ^^

  8. bvrsanjiv says:


  9. sanjoy94 says:

    shreya di is just the best singer . I love her classical surs taals and rendition .he versitality ishust amazing

  10. sandyathakoer says:

    shreya rocks!!!!
    sh is the best singer but i also like sunidhi


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