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Boo Boo

The producers of Singham may not have done their research as far the music composer is concerned. Instead of going ahead with one of the more familiar names, Marathi composers Ajay-Atul have been roped in to provide the melodies to the 3 songs. Plus you get a remix version of each of these for whatever that is worth, and to maintain the trend of giving alternate versions of the main songs.

Things start of on a very serious note with the title song. A kind of a chanting mantra that almost sounds African and it does manage to grab some attention. A pacy string section provides the stage for Sukhwinder’s voice to enter the song but the surprises end right here. It’s a song that gives moments to most Indian instruments and is a mixture of various styles we are used to hearing. The song probably sets the mood for the movie and adds drama to Ajay Devgn’s serious facial expressions. But in its defence, the 6 minute duration of the song is well used and Ajay-Atul have ensured things are changing every now and then.

Romance gets its place in the second song, ‘Saathiyaa’. Shreya Ghoshal’s voice goes pretty much untested here while Ajay chips in with some controlled harmonies. The tune is a bit too generic and ‘Saathiyaa’ really does not find a sweet spot to call it’s own. There are some bright moments but those come during the mid-song musical interlude. Lyrically too, the song is nothing to write home about and overall it just ends up being forgettable.

As if the world needs one more song with “Maula” in it, the third track is just that. (Thank God the whole obsession with ‘chori chori’ has ended!). The song is exactly how one would imagine a ‘Maula’ song to be. Soothing, gentle, tuneful with just the right amount of sadness. It’s a kind of a formula, with “Maula” being part of the chorus. There have been better songs with the same title like the one in SLB’s Saawariya. Still it’s better than the awful remix version that comes in later on the CD.

has really nothing of note to offer on the music front. Ajay-Atul show promise but this is not the big Bollywood bang they would have hoped for. At best, there is nothing really wrong happening here. Which is just another way of saying that there is nothing really happening at all.

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