Top 10 Shreya Ghoshal Songs (My Favourites)

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  1. ashiashish123 says:

    she is indias pride

  2. ashiashish123 says:

    @wasee76 get lost stupid

  3. princess201coolify says:

    my favourite song is tere liye from prince and all the songs from vivah why dont you upload these songs these are the best songs

  4. junaidrak says:

    shreya is the best female playback singer in the bolllywood…..carry on..

  5. princess201coolify says:

    thanks for uploading

  6. raj611145 says:


  7. Nupri13 says:

    @hajira2050 i know…she sounds amazing live! i think singer who sound good live are REAL singer! and you don’t get a lot of them these days..its sad =(
    I saw her concert in NZ =)

  8. hajira2050 says:

    @Nupri13 in which concert you were i was on tornoto

  9. hajira2050 says:

    @Nupri13 she sings live better than original

  10. hajira2050 says:

    @Nupri13 yeah i also went to her one of her concerts when she sings last part people become crazy

  11. ambuzzz1 says:

    @Avidesh91 and sexy too

  12. ambuzzz1 says:

    @Avidesh91 and sexy

  13. kajol620 says:

    she has a good voice……

  14. Nupri13 says:

    i reckon one of the hardest songs has to be “mere dholna” from bhoolbhulya! she has sung it amazingly!..i went to one of her concerts and i was completely blown away..such that songs def sticks to my mind..specially the last part..god it was amazing!!

  15. 111222ajc says:

    she is best female background singer

  16. misterzeeshanahmad says:

    @wasee76 behooda insan ki behooda nazran…

  17. hajira2050 says:

    i mean the whole world loves shreya she doesnot sings from nose and she is the most awarded play back singer and now she is internationally recognized singer

  18. hajira2050 says:

    @BismillahAli i hate sunidhi voice while shreya voice is awesome now she is internationally recognized singer shreya is best whole world loves you no one will accept your views

  19. BismillahAli says:

    Sunidhi Chauhan is better than Shreya Ghosal. Shreya sings through her nose.

  20. goodbyeman2 says:

    Nice effort AVIDESH.THnx very much

  21. sterabhi says:

    @Avidesh91 :tumi ekta honu. tumi sala gaaner ki bojho? ahammok

  22. sterabhi says:

    tumi ekta honu

  23. palaknpuchku says:

    fuckin ass hole

  24. hajira2050 says:

    shreya is amazing she has win 30 awards and 4 national awards in just 7 years hats off to you shreya you have crazy fans all overt the world your voice is amazing

  25. wasee76 says:

    oh wow i like her boobs 🙂

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