TV Set For Another Swayamvar With Ratan

New Delhi:  Bride-to-be Ratan Rajpoot is
all set to choose her perfect match from three prospective
grooms on the small screen and the actress says she is nervous
ahead of D-day tomorrow.

Ratan will choose from among three boys – Deepak Pandit
from Jammu, Anupam Singh and Abhinav Sharma in the final
episode of Ratan Ka Rishta tomorrow. The show began on May
30 with 16 bachelors vying for Ratan’s hand.

“I have already taken a decision but it comes with its
own doubts because it is a question of my life. I don’t only
want to get married but I want to be happy and that’s the most
important thing for me,” the 24-year-old told PTI.

Rajpoot, who found fame on television with her
portrayal of Lali on Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, opted
for a Swayamvar on Imagine TV after Rakhi Sawant and Rahul

While former two seasons invited controversy, Ratan’s
stint on the reality show has been a quiet one. The actress
says whether she marries or not in the end, she won’t go for
“cheap publicity.”

“It might be a show for others but it is a question of
life for me. I will continue acting after the show. It is not
a gimmick for me,” Ratan said.

The actress is also candid about the insecurity that
TV actors go through.

“TV actors do sit at home for sometime after a show
ends. When I got the offer of this show, I talked to my
parents and then it has been a journey of my own. Whatever
happens, I have learnt a lot. I think audience somewhere
connects with me because I come from the same milieu,” said
Ratan, who hails from Patna.

Acting happened by chance for Ratan, who says she
completed her graduation only to settle down.

“It is shameful but I had no goal in life. I completed
graduation because I wanted to get married and that was the
minimum requirement. I was getting bored and came to Delhi to
visit my sister. To kill time I turned to theatre and soon was
offered a role.

“After theatre I was not sure. My sir suggested me to
go to Mumbai and I thought I will have a nice trip but I got a
small role in Doordarshan and things started looking up.”

Ask her about the future after the Swayamvar,
“Acting,” pat comes the reply, “I am tired of being me for so
long. After a reality show I want to get back to the world of
make-belief. Want to play a character, which is completely
different from me.”

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