Whatever happened to albums?

“I translate songs into Hindi, stressing on the notes, pronunciation and so on. That helps me to deliver a smooth performance,” says Shreya. However, she also confesses that singing in an unknown language is difficult. “It’s not about the lyrics alone, but it’s also about understanding the mood, expression, composition and so on. So, singing in an unknown language may not be enjoyable, but it is definitely challenging,” she says, adding, “When I sing a song which requires me to put in a little more effort in terms of rendition, that’s when I feel I have really done something.”

While playback singing takes up a lot of her time, Shreya says she misses the magic that albums provided. “They’ve just disappeared. Today, it’s difficult to promote Indian albums unless they are connected with films in some way,” she says. Shreya feels that the reason why nobody’s confident enough to invest on an album today may have to do with piracy. “People can download music at the click of a button. However, a couple of us have been talking about the issue, and there could be a way out. We hope to bring out an album soon,” she hints.

Meanwhile, the pretty singer has also been receiving a number of offers to act as well. But, Shreya says, “I can’t take up anything that demands too much time from me. Also, I am not sure if I can act,” she says. One option that would tempt her to be in front of the camera would be a musical. “Sadly, those don’t happen in India,” she concludes.

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