When Vidya Balan almost died

Mumbai:  Vidya Balan had almost lost her life while shooting for her new film Kahaani.

The actress had almost fallen on the tracks at the Kolkata metro station during the shoot. Fortunately, film’s director Sujoy Ghosh came to her rescue and saved her from falling onto the tracks.

“When we were shooting we had security guards across the platform. It went pitch perfect, not a single thing out of place. While we were paying attention to other things, the only person we forgot was Vidya. But she is an adult. She is supposed to take care of herself. There was a scene where she was running backwards on the platform. She bumped against a weighing machine. She tripped and was about to fall onto the tracks. Seeing that she was about to fall, we immediately rushed to her. When she is giving her shot she forgets everything else,” said Sujoy Ghosh while recalling the incident.

“There was nothing heroic about it. Since, I was behind the camera I could see what was going to happen. I just had the quick sight to rush and save her from falling,” he added.

So did the incident cause an interruption? The director explained, “Vidya said ‘Oh cool I got saved, lets get back on the job.'”

“You take a lot of precautions for other people but you take your own folks for granted. We took the precaution for everybody else. We just forgot Vidya,” he added.

Vidya, who was last seen in a sexy avatar in hit film The Dirty Picture, plays the role of a six-month pregnant woman in Kahaani.

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