When ‘X Factor’ judges lacked harmony

The ‘X Factor’ judges- Sonu Nigam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shreya Ghoshal used to agree with each other, every time an eviction happened on ‘X Factor,’ but things have changed since last week. Apparently, Sonu decided to eliminate his own team member, Piyush and that led to a heated argument between Sonu and Sanjay. The fiasco happened when Amit and Piyush reached the bottom two, during the elimination round.

Reportedly, the third judge- Shreya, also voted for Amit and that by default, led to Piyush’s ouster. But incidentally, Shreya didn’t seem happy with Sonu’s decision, for she thought that Piyush had an ‘X Factor’ in him. The entire issue came as shock to Sanjay and he asked Sonu to check the previous track record of the contestant. Sanjay,  was also expecting Piyush to win.

Sonu justified himself  by saying that he would not be biased as Piyush is his own team member. Well, wonder if he did the right thing. Guess the viewers should decide that!

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