Why Bollywood’s hottest won’t wear a bikin

London:  They don’t mind having heroes wrapped around their bodies. They don’t mind getting smooch happy, or even wriggling their skimpily clad derriere to an item song. But mention the B word and some of them turn crimson red.

As the subjects depicted on screen get bolder, it turns out that B-Town’s premier actresses are turning coy to the prospect of wearing a bikini. We examine why some Bollywood babes go weak in the knees when it comes to wearing the good old bikinis.

Katrina Kaif’s star value is on the ascent and it’s no wonder then that the actress, who made her debut in the controversial and scandalous film Boom, is refusing to even wear a bikini now.

Katrina joins the elite list of actress who have apparently refused to wear a two-piece on screen.

Katrina Kaif reportedly dilly-dallied signing Dhoom 3 because she was asked to wear the dreaded bikini. And Katrina is not alone, she is joined by Dabangg’s Sonakshi, who too apparently, has asked for a no-bikini clause for her upcoming film.

The actress had intimated producers of Race 2 that she wouldn’t wear one even before signing the film.

Ready actress Asin too was anything but ready when it came to wearing bikini on screen and had clearly stated that she would not down a two-piece in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Housefull 2.

It’s not just these three actresses. There have been many before them who have run away or at least pretended to run away when they were asked to don a swimsuit on screen.

It’s almost like our sexy B-Town babes think that not being bikini-clad on screen directly implies that she is a nice girl from a good home, with all her values shining through.

In a day and age, when even older women with less aesthetically-pleasing bodies are nonchalantly wearing bikinis at swimming pools in clubs, maybe it is time our heroines, who kill themselves to achieve gorgeous bodies, did a re-think.

They already have ready-made inspiration in the form of gorgeous yesteryear actresses like Sadhana, Sharmila Tagore, Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman, who wore their bikinis with such elan that even today they have remained etched in people’s memories.

And no, no one suspected their upbringing or their character just because they were confident enough to wear a swimsuit when at a pool or at a beach.

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